World View Perspective: Loving our core self as worthy

Even down to our core, Love dwells within us.  Even in our greatest fear, Love can be found.  Our core self is worthy and valuable as is each breath.  When we are grateful for each moment of our lives, even the most difficult of times, especially the most challenging times, transformation begins to happen.  It happens because of the Love and the open acceptance of being who we are.  Love opens like a flower, rich in the fresh fertilization of reflected worth and value.  When we Love our self and see our self as worthy, we give our system every opportunity to heal.  When we can smile through our new, fresh place of awareness, we give others that same possibility.  Our lives are worthy and valuable because we have them.  Each breath in is a blessing as it reconfirms life and each breath out, enables us to let go.  When we stay conscious of loving our self to our worthy core, we set free any and all old stuck energy that we thought we were or that kept us stuck.  Loving even that densest self, allows, invites and enables something miraculous to occur.  Our life is worthy and valuable and when we celebrate that, greater expansions can happen in our self as well as others because of that opening.  Love promotes transformation on all levels that we are.  Our core worth expands as and when we Love it completely.  Forgiving our self down to our core and trusting we are not anything negative or fearful, frees up any old beliefs that reflected anything else.  No matter who said it or who treated you that way previously, that old negative identification can be released through Loving our core self as worthy of Love, which it is.  Our core self has carried us throughout this life.  No matter what else it has collected, stored, feared, regretted or been ashamed of, all of that will respond to Love.  Consciously bringing Compassion and Love into our core self and feeling it open and expand to the vibration and intention of Love is the miracle.  That miracle restores our faith in Love itself, bringing harmony and peace into the system.  Our core self is worthy and it is worthy of receiving Love and Compassion right from the very Heart of our Self.


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