Tuesday, March 31, 2015

World View Perspective: Transforming our sense of worth

As the seasons come and go, and our human self and spiritual self evolve, our sense of self must also evolve.  Within our life circumstances, throughout our ages or stages, there may have been periods of low to no self worth or sense of value.  Perhaps some stuck old sense of self in relationship to true worth and value that became stuffed away somewhere, not yet resolved.  As we seek for greater and greater understanding of how to make shifts and changes, becoming more Heart based, we realize we can offer up old stuck identifications of worth too.  Anything stuck in our system can be offered up to be released and eased, setting in motion fresh new openings of possibilities.  See it like a boulder wedged in a stream.  It is literally in the way of a greater movement of water.  When the large rock is removed, given up, released, the path is clear for a new flow of energy.  Our human system works the same way.  Any aspect of us that blocks our flow of Love, Compassion or Consciousness, we can simply and sincerely offer it up for greater Love and clarity to come.  At any age and stage, we can experience being affected from hurtful, harmful or damaging situations that put parts of our selves on hold due to fear.  Those experiences can create blockages that prevent greater growth and expansion.  Even a deep  wound to our self worth and value can be released for a greater sense of worth to follow.  When we 'Let go and let God', miracles happen.  The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy can lift off energies, like blockages, and allow freedom of movement, flow and positive exchanges to occur.  In fact that is the very purpose of a relationship with the Infinite Love.  To work in positive collaboration to heal the system through a real feeling that uplifts, inspires and motivates us to continue going and growing towards a greater and greater transformation.  As we shift and change, so, too, will all those around us.  Nothing is separate, in truth, from the Infinite Love.  Infinite Love and Compassion is our true nature and our true worth.  When our old sense of worth is released for a truer inner worth, new beginnings are possible as is our further transformation, awareness and growth.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

World View Perspective: Loving our core self as worthy

Even down to our core, Love dwells within us.  Even in our greatest fear, Love can be found.  Our core self is worthy and valuable as is each breath.  When we are grateful for each moment of our lives, even the most difficult of times, especially the most challenging times, transformation begins to happen.  It happens because of the Love and the open acceptance of being who we are.  Love opens like a flower, rich in the fresh fertilization of reflected worth and value.  When we Love our self and see our self as worthy, we give our system every opportunity to heal.  When we can smile through our new, fresh place of awareness, we give others that same possibility.  Our lives are worthy and valuable because we have them.  Each breath in is a blessing as it reconfirms life and each breath out, enables us to let go.  When we stay conscious of loving our self to our worthy core, we set free any and all old stuck energy that we thought we were or that kept us stuck.  Loving even that densest self, allows, invites and enables something miraculous to occur.  Our life is worthy and valuable and when we celebrate that, greater expansions can happen in our self as well as others because of that opening.  Love promotes transformation on all levels that we are.  Our core worth expands as and when we Love it completely.  Forgiving our self down to our core and trusting we are not anything negative or fearful, frees up any old beliefs that reflected anything else.  No matter who said it or who treated you that way previously, that old negative identification can be released through Loving our core self as worthy of Love, which it is.  Our core self has carried us throughout this life.  No matter what else it has collected, stored, feared, regretted or been ashamed of, all of that will respond to Love.  Consciously bringing Compassion and Love into our core self and feeling it open and expand to the vibration and intention of Love is the miracle.  That miracle restores our faith in Love itself, bringing harmony and peace into the system.  Our core self is worthy and it is worthy of receiving Love and Compassion right from the very Heart of our Self.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

World View Perspective: Awareness of feeling

Accessing the High Heart brings in Compassion and Love, an intelligence that is found in the 'now' moment.  Compassion appears like an awakened presence, showing us a deeper, truer perspective.  It is a feeling that alerts us to a fresh, caring, healing point of view.  When we become aware of feeling, we can navigate where we are and where we stand.  We are gifted with an ability to hear our self and heal our self through feeling.  Feeling also allows us that quiet time, where we can connect to our deeper Heart, hearing the guidance, messages and intelligence that dwells there.  Awareness of feeling is an empowerment, not a liability. It keeps us true to our self. When we align with that True Heart within, we can surrender all pain, all doubt and all confusion as well as mental blocks, especially old stuck energy related to the past.  We can surrender all that feels out of balance to our inner True Self in the Heart.  Love and Compassion is what brings us joy, balance, acceptance and harmony within our self.  It is the inner union with Love itself.  When we are aware of the Love through feeling, we can use that awareness as a gage of where we stand and what feels real to us.  It gives us an inner truth to work with and collaborate with, all through an awareness of feeling.  True feeling, higher Heart feeling, is an intelligence, it is guidance, it is a navigational tool.  Being true to our true self helps us to stand in the truth and not be swept away by the actions, thoughts and feelings of others.  Like a tree, rooted to the ground, yet allowed enough flexibility to blow as the wind moves it, yet remaining true to itself as it stands.  Feeling connected to our true self and how we are feeling empowers us to truly be and become our self.  In that truth, on all levels, we can be happy, healthy, healed, whole and successful, being true to our true self.  Awareness of feeling, based on the High Heart, based on Love and Compassion, especially in the now, is true intelligent empowerment.  Bring that awareness of feeling through the Heart and feel the awareness of Love itself.  Let it embrace all of who you are from within.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

World View Perspective: For the sake of the Heart

When we understand the voice in our Heart, we realize that life is about shifts and changes.  If we don't pay attention to what our Heart tells us and trust that inner voice and vision, we can be pulled in other directions, allowing distraction and unconsciousness to grab our attention.  We can look up from those distractions and wonder where our Heart went.  Without conscious, deliberate action to hear the guidance from within, it is easy to lose our way or give our power over to someone else.  If it doesn't feel right, it often isn't right.  It is up to us to learn how to discern what is correct for us and what isn't.  Our Heart has our best interest at Heart.  If we need more courage to do what is correct, we can also summon that up from our Highest Heart.  The Heart is the Truth of who we are because it links us to Love itself.  Love is our ultimate expression and purpose here.  To become that Love, we must be able to discern our Heart.  The Love for us found in the Heart is guiding us back to that Love itself.  It is that union of Love that gives our life purpose.  Love pushes all the fear out and brings us clarity and more Love.  When our Heart guides us to a place in nature, for example, that we Love, try just sitting there quietly in that sense of mutual Love.  See if you don't feel that Love mirrored back.  Now there is more Love between you, within you and coming from you.  Love was just enhanced and increased.  For the sake of our Hearts, we need to listen and glisten the truth.  We need to realize there is more to us than our limited sense of self.  When we consciously create a relationship with our High Heart, our High Heart will guide us to Love itself and onto our Higher Expression of the Love we carry.  For the sake of our Heart, we must learn to listen and listen with all our Heart.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion for our physical bodies

Our physical bodies are amazingly strong and capable systems.  They absorb so much energetic bombardment on a daily basis.  They receive this bombardment from our environment, our dietary experiences, our mind and emotional responses as they all play out in our human form.  Many unseen energies play off it as well.  Energies of lust, greed, fear, anger and jealousy to name a few.  Many of the energies are subtle and barely detectable but they can still have an impact.  Sometimes, we aren't even conscious of the heaviness we carry or the fact it could be someone else's weight.  Unresolved issues can become heaviness in one's system.  If we stay unconscious of how we feel in our physical bodies, we can almost go numb and harm ourselves further.  When we are in a relationship with someone, we must be aware of how our system interacts with their system.  Perhaps they are out of balance with their issues and yet when we are around them, we can't discern their issues are not our issues.  We just notice this element or that element but can't detect what we feel doesn't really belong to us.  Learning how to protect out human systems from energies that don't belong to us takes vigilance and practice.  We can surround our physical bodies in white light and have a sense of what it feels like to be in our own energy space.  Then as we interact with others, we can feel when the energy around us becomes more and more dense or we become more and more aware that we don't feel quite like our self any more.  A simple technique is to imagine yourself standing underneath a white, flowing waterfall, cleansing your system off, feeling a fresh, clear stream of pure white energy, surrounding you and protecting you.  Once you feel it, imagine it clean, clear and all around you.  Anytime you feel out of balance, activate the stream until you feel clear again.  This also invites us, enables us to have more and more compassion for our human physical form.  It really is miraculous in its design and intention.  It enables us to function well on the earth plane and accomplish many things having a body allows us.  If our physical body is holding onto too much energy from the past or energy that doesn't belong to you, reassure your body, it can always lovingly release what no longer serves it well.  Our physical human bodies do have an intelligence all its own.  We can interact with it and have a relationship with the consciousness and intelligence in our physical human bodies.  Sending it loving Compassion for all its hard work is a very good place to start.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion for closed minds

When the conditioning of the closed mind refuses to open, to consider, to contemplate, to realize that more beyond it exists, it effectively prevents the Heart from opening.  It captures the whole system in some kind of downward tumble of unacceptable options that would begin to transform one's human system into a much more receivable position.  It is like slamming the door shut because we fear the wind outside when, in fact, it is a healthy breeze that will blow stagnation away. The closed mind can become so righteous that any hint the Heart is stronger will freeze it shut for long periods of time.  So deep in its refusal, it only grows more convinced it should remain shut.  If an old thinking pattern exists in the system, no matter how unhealthy or harmful it has been, once the mind is closed, opening it again to let the sunshine of illumination in can become problematic.  The Compassion found in the High Heart is a mechanism that opens even the most shut tight minds because when Love is present, fear cannot co-exist. 

An old movie entitled, 'Polyanna', was about an angry, bitter older woman who was ill and always negative.  A little girl, Polyanna, brought her a prism to make her feel better through the rainbows it generated.  It wasn't well received at first but eventually, with Polyanna's persistent positivity and love, the older woman gave in an her heart started to melt.  The negative attitude disappeared. 

It is just an example of how the Heart works.  The Love we carry is the magic, it is the healing force and it opens us to the Truth.  Our truest nature is Love and it connects us to a living Love that expands us, transforms us, enlightens us and inspires us, if we have the courage to embrace it, accept it and Love the Love back.  Love can open the most closed mind and expand the awareness and consciousness to conceive, perceive and receive the most beautiful inner connection possible; the force of Love itself.  Closed minds so often prefer, demand and seek control due to fear.  Fear that they will lose control and suddenly their very survival is at stake.  When we open our Heart to the level of Love and Faith, we see how to surrender the fear to a higher perspective that allows us to open and grow through an active consciousness, guided by our Highest Heart.  When dealing with someone with a closed mind, send them Compassion and Love and as their system receives that, know they now have a positive, happier Loving energy which could allow their system to expand.  It is possible that the force of Love can open closed minds and become the healing force for permanent change.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

World View Perspective: The Essence of presence

When we realize our High Heart exists, we realize this inner presence is the essence of who we are.  We realize we are not separate from it because it is our center; it is our life.  It is our true relationship, linking us to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy.  It is that Essence that is the very creation of life.  It is the true heart beat of a living Presence.  In a human form, we are able to accomplish so much.  We have a mind, body, an ability to speak, to love, to do many things; seemingly all at once.  Yet, going deeper within, we can access a deeper connecting truth; an awareness, a consciousness, a light that allows us the deepest connection, a relationship to the essence of presence.  The guidance that comes from the High Heart allows us, invites us to surrender our personal self to the experience and knowledge of the expanded Self.  This expanded Self is the awareness itself that everything is energy, including us.  Energy to move, to expand, to grow and to feel.  In the essence of presence we feel that connection, we are that relationship to Infinite Love itself.  Once consciously connected, the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy moves to us and through us in a collaborative way to enlighten, to uplift, to inspire and to transform.  Blocks, locks and shocks to the system can be released and freed up so more freedom of movement can occur.  Life is destined to move us forward and assist us in further growth and expansion until we become that that we truly are from that deepest understanding.  Trusting the Essence of presence, through knowledge and experience, assists in the expansion from our personal self to our expanded Self, bringing forth the Love and Compassion, which links us to our higher purpose.  In truth, we are the Love itself and it is through that Love that fear cannot exist.  Have faith in the Essence of presence and feel that true Love you are, knowing you are never separate from a pure living Love as a conscious, active truth.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

World View Perspective: Opening our hearts and minds

When we consciously open our High Heart to our own personal heart and mind, Love can fill us with a true sense of positive connection and a sense of true unity.  We experience a True Heart Union with Love itself, which is the strongest, most transformative force on the planet.  The Love found in our High Heart connects us to earth, to each other, to the Universe and the Cosmic realm.  We can literally vibrate with the whole creation as well as consciously clear blocks and locks from the past.  Everything is energy and so everything vibrates with energy.  When we focus on the most positive energy we are and we have, it will resonate with everything else that is similar.  The Law of Attraction says that when we lift our own energy and vibration, we attract similar vibrations towards us.  If Love as a pure force on earth and within us vibrates with the Force of Love itself, then as we choose to consciously, actively open our Heart to that Love, 'as above, so below as within', we begin the shift and change our system and fill with more Love.  A living, present Love is our assurance that we are truly that Love itself.  What is truly in our High Heart connects us to the strongest force on the planet.  It is stronger than fear, stronger than darkness and stronger than levels of human nature that can harm us or have negative effects on our system.  When and as we clear the fear in our minds and personal hearts and aspire to access our High Hearts, a positive reply of Love will come.  It wants to come and help us transform because we are not separate from it.  It is ultimately who we are and the energy we carry.  It just takes an open mind and an open heart along with a willingness to embrace who we truly are within.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

World View Perspective: Understanding and embracing our true nature

Understanding our true nature allows us to be true to our self first.  When we know the Love we carry in our own highest Heart and we embrace that Love within us, that inner Compassion for all we have been as well as who we are, enables our true nature to shine.  A relationship, a connection and a deeper inner knowingness ensues and a natural process of collaboration with Love itself begins.  When we expand our High Heart to include Love for all aspects of our human nature by forgiving the past injustices and unconscious choices we made in our previous moments, perhaps lacking maturity at the time, we understand the process of 'Letting go and letting God.'  In our deepest Heart of Hearts, that is the point and purpose of our life here.  We are here to understand what is deep in our Heart and soul.  To embrace it, become it and allow it to heal us completely.  That Force of Love is who we really are because it is cosmic and universal energy and we are not separate from it.  As human beings, when we harness this deep Love and Compassion, we are bringing through to us and through us that same pure positive Force of Love.  A force that is stronger than negativity, stronger than fear and stronger than stagnation.  A force that has guided mankind from the beginning.  It is a gift of Grace.  If everything is energy and indeed it is, then just like recycling any other material goods so that new goods can come, what we release returns to us in another form.  As we offer up the old stuck ways of acting, thinking and feeling, we pave the way for the new to come.  When old aspects of our human nature have finished out their course, and we consciously let them go, what can flood our system in the open spaces is a greater Love.  Our true nature is to Love.  Maybe we came here to teach, play music, paint, write or be of service to others, as examples.  When we open our High Heart to embrace the Love we are, those aspects of our true nature will bring through the most perfect blend of Heart and, as such, will touch the Heart of many others.  When we understand and embrace our true nature, we are saying, 'YES' to LOVE, 'YES' to our purpose and 'YES' to who we are.