World View Perspective: When our Heart leads the way

When our Heart leads the way, with our greater Consciousness, we are assured that balance, peace, love and harmony can become our reality.  The Infinite force of Love, that resides in our Highest Heart, goes to great depths and heights, connecting us to a more encompassing truth.  We may not be fully aware of everything our Highest Heart is capable of, given human limitations, but it is a strength of intelligence.  Our limited, experienced human thoughts and feelings on our personal realm of awareness serve us well in many ways, until or unless, we aspire to know and understand more of the greater truth.  Following our own heart's integrity and aspiring to know, explore and experience a vaster understanding of why we are here, invites in a Higher Consciousness that enables our desire to know.  We are spiritual in nature and, as such, our spirit can guide us to these Higher realms.  Searching and seeking for answers through books, movies, teachers and guides are also useful.  Delving into our own Heart of Hearts through contemplation, meditation and/or sitting quietly with our true aspirations in tact, much of what we need to know and understand will be revealed within our Heart, when and how it is supposed to be. To become who we really are, we must face who we aren't and have the courage of Heart to keep going forward, shedding the old that no longer serves us well.  Every age and every stage of our human growth and development, as well as our spiritual development matters because, as they say, the only way to it is through it.  To set out on the journey, first listen to your Heart and let it lead the way.  It will lead you there, through Love.


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