World View Perspective: What the Heart knows

Our Highest Heart knows Compassion, which is a deep understanding about human nature and through Love, the Heart's Compassion understands that 'pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional', as Buddha said.  Our Highest Heart knows how to heal our own human nature through understanding our self, understanding our choices, letting go of self-judgment, releasing our inner critic, looking at our past through forgiving eyes and heart and being consciously present in each moment.  Our Highest Heart knows there is an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy and we are not separate from it.  Our High Heart knows that because it is through our High Heart that we feel that deepest connection.  Our limited mind, emotions and physical human body contains knowledge too.  That knowledge, training, understanding, consciousness, intelligence and experience has merit because that combination guides us through life too.  As we appreciate and love all aspects of our journey and consciously add the aspiration required to open the Highest Heart within us, we understand the importance of true self-acceptance.  In true self-acceptance, we release any locks or blocks to our spiritual growth, which leads us to the Highest Heart.  The place where we truly know no separation exists.  The relationship with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, found through our Highest Heart, seeks to transform our human system into a purified vehicle of Love, Understanding and Forgiveness because that is our truest state.  The more we can consciously surrender any and all negative, old, stuck aspects of our self to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, the more Love, Compassion and Understanding we receive back, which allows us to grow and glow more truthfully within our self, our life and our human form as our true self.  This is the awareness of our Highest Heart.


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