World View Perspective: Faith in our Heart

When we realize our high Heart has the intelligence, determination, guidance and truth to open us to our highest potential, our purpose here and the way forward, we expand into a greater sense of a working collaboration with Compassion and Love.  Love is the Highest force on earth and we are not separate from it.  As we forgive the past and all that may have negatively effected our human system, we begin to clear the fear of the past.  With conscious effort, we can trust our Highest Heart to guide us safely into the present now, where Love and Compassion can transform us.  We are part of the big picture because our very life force is connected to life itself.  Our heart beat is earth's heart beat, our Love is Love itself and our highest energy is not separate from the very energy of creation itself.  It is only our ego-mind and limited personal, physical self that thinks we are all the human limitations.  It is through consciously opening our Hearts and Minds, aspiring to understand the bigger picture, that Faith in each moment can help support the changes from our lower human nature to our higher nature in the transformational process, helping us to experience a greater inner union with Love itself.  Spiritual Joy adds to the Faith in our high Heart because spirit is the mechanism to remind us who we are within.  Spirit guides us to the higher aspects of Source connection; the ability to 'untie' from the past and 'unite' with the present energy of Love itself.  This is all done through having deep Faith in our Heart.  Our high Heart is the link between our higher understanding and our physical form.  It is through transforming the lower human system that we can be of most service to our highest Heart intention.  Faith in our high Heart and the ability to listen to the inner Truth found in the Heart's intelligence guides us to that inner awareness.  Aspire to have Faith in your Highest Heart.  Let it guide you through and to Love itself.


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