World View Perspective: The courage of Heart knowledge

When we trust our Highest Heart and the true Compassion found there, we begin to realize that the power in our Heart overpowers fear, it overpowers differences and it overpowers judgment, just to name a few.  Our deepest Love is capable of uniting us with all of life because at the end of the day, it is the depth of Love that truly speaks to us.  Throughout our lifetime, we use our minds, our intellects, our past habits, routines and programming.  We identify with our gender, our roles and rules in life and stay emotionally connected to other people and our families.  It is all part of the human experience and it is part of our human development and life.  Yet, when we sit quietly with the intent to listen to our Heart speak to us, we begin to discern that level of intelligence, awareness and understanding.  We can access true Compassion for our self and our past as well as feel true Compassion for others through our Heart.  When we stabilize with this 'inner relationship', through constant conscious effort, we begin to heal and can see how to help heal others as well.  We build up more and more courage of Heart as we bring alignment to our own human system.  Taking new action based on the guidance we receive through our Heart shows us the path of transformation.  To go from a mind-based world perspective to a Heart-based perspective is the current change happening in the world.  It take the courage of the Heart knowledge to make these changes.  It is the voice in our Highest Heart that allows us to shift, change, transform and grow in greater courage to bring Compassion and Love into the world.  Letting go of our attachments and identifications to our lower nature and it's unconscious activities, especially any that are fear and negative thinking or feeling based, enables us to feel the progress of becoming more Heart based in our life.  Focusing on our current moments in this current time in our life also brings us into more direct connection to our Highest Heart and it releases us from the past.  The force of Love not only surrounds us, it is also within us.  In truth, we are never separate from Love.


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