World View Perspective: Compassion helps us accept ourselves as we are

Human goals and ambitions can drive us to strive to be someone we are not.  We can unconsciously pit ourselves against aspects of our personalities that we are not meant to manifest.  Becoming conscious of our more refined aspects can bring a calm and peaceful feeling to our truer nature.  When we access compassion through our high heart, that Loving Compassion can remind us of who we really are and enable us to discern what feels correct and what doesn't.  Like one grows a garden.  We must notice the quality of the soil, the seeds, the sun or shade and be aware of what else may be effecting our garden.  If a killer weed is growing, taking away the rich nutrients from the growing flowers or vegetables, then we must actively cut it out and back until it no longer grows there.  Through our own Heart's Compassion and love for us, we can do the same. The more we see our finer qualities and utilize them in positive ways, the less effected we will be by any killer weeds within our personality.  Learning to accept ourselves as we truly are allows us to become all we can be, which is the purpose of our life.  The more we actively, consciously Love, beginning with our self, and through applying forgiveness, the more that Love grows and if we listen to our Heart, it will guide us correctly.  Accepting ourselves as Loving, Compassionate Beings allows who we aren't to be released.  When we Love our self, we naturally attune and align with more and more Love, which cancels out any old stuck fear and negativity.  Compassion is the energy we need to bring about positive changes within ourselves that reflects what is in our Heart.  Compassion helps us accept ourselves as we are, which is Loving because Compassion itself is Loving, kind and understanding as it guides us towards transformation.  Self-acceptance also allows in a more positive self-image, which also enhances our greater Compassion.  That, in turn, promotes a happier, healthier overall human system inviting us to fill with more joy and positive spiritual growth.


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