Saturday, February 28, 2015

World View Perspective: Faith in our Heart

When we realize our high Heart has the intelligence, determination, guidance and truth to open us to our highest potential, our purpose here and the way forward, we expand into a greater sense of a working collaboration with Compassion and Love.  Love is the Highest force on earth and we are not separate from it.  As we forgive the past and all that may have negatively effected our human system, we begin to clear the fear of the past.  With conscious effort, we can trust our Highest Heart to guide us safely into the present now, where Love and Compassion can transform us.  We are part of the big picture because our very life force is connected to life itself.  Our heart beat is earth's heart beat, our Love is Love itself and our highest energy is not separate from the very energy of creation itself.  It is only our ego-mind and limited personal, physical self that thinks we are all the human limitations.  It is through consciously opening our Hearts and Minds, aspiring to understand the bigger picture, that Faith in each moment can help support the changes from our lower human nature to our higher nature in the transformational process, helping us to experience a greater inner union with Love itself.  Spiritual Joy adds to the Faith in our high Heart because spirit is the mechanism to remind us who we are within.  Spirit guides us to the higher aspects of Source connection; the ability to 'untie' from the past and 'unite' with the present energy of Love itself.  This is all done through having deep Faith in our Heart.  Our high Heart is the link between our higher understanding and our physical form.  It is through transforming the lower human system that we can be of most service to our highest Heart intention.  Faith in our high Heart and the ability to listen to the inner Truth found in the Heart's intelligence guides us to that inner awareness.  Aspire to have Faith in your Highest Heart.  Let it guide you through and to Love itself.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

World View Perspective: The courage of Heart knowledge

When we trust our Highest Heart and the true Compassion found there, we begin to realize that the power in our Heart overpowers fear, it overpowers differences and it overpowers judgment, just to name a few.  Our deepest Love is capable of uniting us with all of life because at the end of the day, it is the depth of Love that truly speaks to us.  Throughout our lifetime, we use our minds, our intellects, our past habits, routines and programming.  We identify with our gender, our roles and rules in life and stay emotionally connected to other people and our families.  It is all part of the human experience and it is part of our human development and life.  Yet, when we sit quietly with the intent to listen to our Heart speak to us, we begin to discern that level of intelligence, awareness and understanding.  We can access true Compassion for our self and our past as well as feel true Compassion for others through our Heart.  When we stabilize with this 'inner relationship', through constant conscious effort, we begin to heal and can see how to help heal others as well.  We build up more and more courage of Heart as we bring alignment to our own human system.  Taking new action based on the guidance we receive through our Heart shows us the path of transformation.  To go from a mind-based world perspective to a Heart-based perspective is the current change happening in the world.  It take the courage of the Heart knowledge to make these changes.  It is the voice in our Highest Heart that allows us to shift, change, transform and grow in greater courage to bring Compassion and Love into the world.  Letting go of our attachments and identifications to our lower nature and it's unconscious activities, especially any that are fear and negative thinking or feeling based, enables us to feel the progress of becoming more Heart based in our life.  Focusing on our current moments in this current time in our life also brings us into more direct connection to our Highest Heart and it releases us from the past.  The force of Love not only surrounds us, it is also within us.  In truth, we are never separate from Love.

Monday, February 16, 2015

World View Perspective: What the Heart knows

Our Highest Heart knows Compassion, which is a deep understanding about human nature and through Love, the Heart's Compassion understands that 'pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional', as Buddha said.  Our Highest Heart knows how to heal our own human nature through understanding our self, understanding our choices, letting go of self-judgment, releasing our inner critic, looking at our past through forgiving eyes and heart and being consciously present in each moment.  Our Highest Heart knows there is an Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy and we are not separate from it.  Our High Heart knows that because it is through our High Heart that we feel that deepest connection.  Our limited mind, emotions and physical human body contains knowledge too.  That knowledge, training, understanding, consciousness, intelligence and experience has merit because that combination guides us through life too.  As we appreciate and love all aspects of our journey and consciously add the aspiration required to open the Highest Heart within us, we understand the importance of true self-acceptance.  In true self-acceptance, we release any locks or blocks to our spiritual growth, which leads us to the Highest Heart.  The place where we truly know no separation exists.  The relationship with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, found through our Highest Heart, seeks to transform our human system into a purified vehicle of Love, Understanding and Forgiveness because that is our truest state.  The more we can consciously surrender any and all negative, old, stuck aspects of our self to the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy, the more Love, Compassion and Understanding we receive back, which allows us to grow and glow more truthfully within our self, our life and our human form as our true self.  This is the awareness of our Highest Heart.

Friday, February 13, 2015

World View Perspective: When our Heart leads the way

When our Heart leads the way, with our greater Consciousness, we are assured that balance, peace, love and harmony can become our reality.  The Infinite force of Love, that resides in our Highest Heart, goes to great depths and heights, connecting us to a more encompassing truth.  We may not be fully aware of everything our Highest Heart is capable of, given human limitations, but it is a strength of intelligence.  Our limited, experienced human thoughts and feelings on our personal realm of awareness serve us well in many ways, until or unless, we aspire to know and understand more of the greater truth.  Following our own heart's integrity and aspiring to know, explore and experience a vaster understanding of why we are here, invites in a Higher Consciousness that enables our desire to know.  We are spiritual in nature and, as such, our spirit can guide us to these Higher realms.  Searching and seeking for answers through books, movies, teachers and guides are also useful.  Delving into our own Heart of Hearts through contemplation, meditation and/or sitting quietly with our true aspirations in tact, much of what we need to know and understand will be revealed within our Heart, when and how it is supposed to be. To become who we really are, we must face who we aren't and have the courage of Heart to keep going forward, shedding the old that no longer serves us well.  Every age and every stage of our human growth and development, as well as our spiritual development matters because, as they say, the only way to it is through it.  To set out on the journey, first listen to your Heart and let it lead the way.  It will lead you there, through Love.

Monday, February 9, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion helps us accept ourselves as we are

Human goals and ambitions can drive us to strive to be someone we are not.  We can unconsciously pit ourselves against aspects of our personalities that we are not meant to manifest.  Becoming conscious of our more refined aspects can bring a calm and peaceful feeling to our truer nature.  When we access compassion through our high heart, that Loving Compassion can remind us of who we really are and enable us to discern what feels correct and what doesn't.  Like one grows a garden.  We must notice the quality of the soil, the seeds, the sun or shade and be aware of what else may be effecting our garden.  If a killer weed is growing, taking away the rich nutrients from the growing flowers or vegetables, then we must actively cut it out and back until it no longer grows there.  Through our own Heart's Compassion and love for us, we can do the same. The more we see our finer qualities and utilize them in positive ways, the less effected we will be by any killer weeds within our personality.  Learning to accept ourselves as we truly are allows us to become all we can be, which is the purpose of our life.  The more we actively, consciously Love, beginning with our self, and through applying forgiveness, the more that Love grows and if we listen to our Heart, it will guide us correctly.  Accepting ourselves as Loving, Compassionate Beings allows who we aren't to be released.  When we Love our self, we naturally attune and align with more and more Love, which cancels out any old stuck fear and negativity.  Compassion is the energy we need to bring about positive changes within ourselves that reflects what is in our Heart.  Compassion helps us accept ourselves as we are, which is Loving because Compassion itself is Loving, kind and understanding as it guides us towards transformation.  Self-acceptance also allows in a more positive self-image, which also enhances our greater Compassion.  That, in turn, promotes a happier, healthier overall human system inviting us to fill with more joy and positive spiritual growth.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

World View Perspective: When we Love, we are not separate

When we resonate with Love, we naturally connect to all things that also recognize Love.  When we Love we are not separate, we are in Union with the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies.  We are aligned with all that upholds this creation in Love.  It is a real feeling in our Heart of Hearts.  Our recognition of this Consciousness allows us to become more and more of who we naturally are.  When we think we are limited to just being our mental and physical self, we don't remain open to all of who we are.  We block out our Higher Self and purpose.  Fear, anger, frustration are some examples of energies that can rob us of this natural Higher connection to Consciousness.  Union with our Higher Self is what invites us to remember who we really are and it keeps our aspiration going.  When our deepest self aspires to seek union with our Higher Self and to understand our purpose for being here in a more limitless way, that true aspiration calls forth an expanded response. 

It is said, "Whatever we seek is also seeking us." 

The Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energies wants union with us to become us, which is the release of suffering. 

It is said, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

When we access our own Compassionate Consciousness, it can fill our system with such Love that it can push out any and all negativity that we are not.  Loving Consciousness is stronger than any fear.  Most of our fear is related to feeling separate.  When we truly Love we are not separate.  When we truly Love, we are in Union with the Infinite Being.  In this state, there is joy in the realization that there is no separation.  Let go of the fear of separation. Open your Heart and feel the connection.