World View Perspective: Joy is spiritual, misery is experienced in the body

Throughout the human lifetime, we go through many cycles of conscious awareness, allowing us to experience joy and misery.  Joy is a positive, high vibration that uplifts us, expands us and allows us to feel elated and inspired.  Misery is a heaviness, spiraling downward energy that can ground us to a halt.  It weighs on us as if something is holding us down against our natural positive state of mind. When our heart is light and open with joy, we feel much more in touch with an expanded consciousness, which enhances our spirit and our life.  A joyful state of mind and being keeps us much more in touch with who we are.  Misery is a stuck, unhappy energy that makes our system dull, negative and even toxic.  We try to hide our misery in many ways often because we don't recognize it or know how to handle it or deal with it properly.  Our spirit, on the other hand, can lift that heavy burden off of us and refresh our system with the light-heartedness of joy.  We just have to trust our spirit and be willing to let the misery go to the higher vibration of joy.  If we image a clogged sink that is now not allowing the water to drain out, we see the stuck material is piling up and there is no movement forward.  Once we add the correct substance to push it through, it all clears and becomes workable again.  When we see our human system the same way, we see when we apply spiritual joy to our human misery, the joy itself will flush the old, stuck stuff up and out until joy remains.  True spiritual joy connects us to spirit, which connects us to higher realms through the Light and vibration of Joy itself until it connects to Infinite Love.  When we open to true joy and welcome it into our system more and more, we fill with a positive vibration, connecting us more completely to who we really are.  Consciously opening to a joyful state of mind and body also helps us enhance our own health and well-being.  It literally enables our Being to come forward and be in it's natural state of well-ness.  Joy uplifts everything around it and when it does, it expands us and enhances all around us, in everyway that is positive.  Choosing Joy, we choose Love.


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