World View Perspective: Compassion heals past traumas

When any aspect in our human system is impacted in negative, hurtful, harmful manners, those effected aspects can throw our system into imbalance.  In the state of imbalance, fear can manifest and run amok as if it is a real experience in the here and now.  PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is an example of this.  A memory gets triggered and it throws a person into an operating mode of behaviors that makes the person think the trauma is happening in real time.  Once that happens, it can be difficult or impossible to pull a person back from the triggered response.  When we can access true Compassion in our own Heart, that Compassion when consciously applied to effected, impacted levels of our human aspects, that depth of Love can alter that traumatic experience into a calm and balanced state.  The inner voice of Loving reason can Lovingly convince the triggered response and area to release the pent up fear and release that old energy.  If the heart rate has increased, palms have become sweaty or hands have become shaky, as our own Loving Compassion soothes the panic, we can see visible signs the previous triggered response is slowing down or stopping.  The Love reminds us we are in current time and as such, the previous circumstances have no doubt eased away or are permanently gone.  In that case, we are using the Love itself and it's soothing, comforting, calming reason, from our own inner resources, to literally 'clear the fear'!  By becoming conscious of our own Heart's capability to bring Love into our own system, we can use that Consciousness to remove any triggers of past traumas and set free the hold unreasonable fear has had over our system.  All that will remain instead is more Love and Compassion until that is what we consistently resonate within our system.  This, in turn, manifests more and more Compassionate understanding in us all.  It also reminds us that Love is ultimately all there is to life and bringing forward more Love and Compassion is why we are here.


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