World View Perspective: Compassion for the sense of a separated self

When we feel separate and alone from the rest of the world, we are more conscious of feeling like a separated self.  A feeling no one else would understand, hear us, show us compassion or care what we have been through and consequently how we feel as our self.  It is a sad and empty perception that takes our human conscious to very low places.  When we open our own Heart to listen to and feel the Love we carry, we begin to understand we are not, in truth, a separate self. Our true self is always connected to the higher energy that we are, which goes way beyond our limited human understanding about our self.  Most of our identifications and attachments are with our separate physical self in our physical body.  We can identify with our experiences, opinions, beliefs, past history and, of course, our fears.  When we do, we can easily feel like a separated self, standing apart from others.  The love in our Heart shows us that we are never separate from the Infinite Being of Pure Love at all times.  That pure force of Love holds the whole creation in Love, including us.  A variety of illnesses and physical/emotional imbalances come from this sense of separation; depression, obesity, addictions, overwhelming fears, low to no self-esteem and poor self-images are just some examples.  To open our Hearts and consciously receive the Love and Compassion for ourselves and others, allows this sense of separation to go.  To take new, happier and healthier action to offset this lower consciousness along with the faith it can go, enables the shift to occur.  The true Love that we are only wants to embrace us and become us as we open our Hearts to it.  The more uplifted, inspired and motivated we become by this Love, the more we shine and the more we shine, that Light spreads to others.  Our true self, our true intelligence, our true connection to an expanded sense of Love clears the fears and fills us with positive energy, which resonates with improved health and well being.  Open your Heart to Compassion for your self, your life, others and all of life and feel the overall vibration of Love, without any sense of separation from Love itself.


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