World View Perspective: Compassion for those with no feeling

In the course of being human and receiving certain trainings or experiences in life, basic human feelings towards one's self and other human beings can be shifted, changed or altered.  A cold, hard fa├žade can be created and generated and a great divide can occur.  This process can render one disabled from feeling any true human emotion, blocking them from a true humanitarian connection.  Without a reconnect to the humanitarian aspect, one could go along time without feeling anything.  In that sense of isolation, doing harm to others can occur more easily than with someone who realizes we are basically all in this together.  To not feel anything is not human because we are created to have compassion, understanding, awareness and a genuine ability to care about others around us, related to us or to those with whom we share a history as well as to care about our self.  To cause harm to others, we would have to be 'cut-off' from the awareness that when we hurt someone, we have also effectively hurt our self.  We are all connected, not just in the typical ways we all recognize but energetically, too.  When we understand the physics of energy, we become aware that even if we are clear across the country from someone we love, if we direct negative, harmful energy towards them, on some level, perhaps not expressed, they will still feel it.  When we practice the positive physics of Compassion, Love and Truth to all those we love, the inspiring effects are experienced and they are felt through true feeling.  To those who have consciously, actively 'shut themselves off' to feelings, they prevent positive, fresh, inviting, invigorating, healing possibilities from reaching into their Hearts and souls and uplifting their lives and their energy.  When we hold through our Compassion all those without any feeling, we give them a chance to shift and change their awareness and perceptions to being more open to receiving positive, healthy energy instead of living closed off and removed from their own natural humanitarian responses.  Love is the Cosmic, Universal force that can most effectively change lives for the very best and we do that through our true heart-felt Compassion.


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