World View Perspective: Compassion for our greatest fear

When we search our human system for our greatest fear, we inevitably find it is the fear of not surviving.  For our physical body to perish, means we have not survived.  This fear is gripping and when we hear frightening news of any kind, we can tighten ourselves up as if it is likely to happen to us.  Yet, in our Hearts of Hearts, is a deep and abiding Compassion, which is Love at it's core.  That Love is the core of our True Nature.  When we open to that Love and to the depth of that Love, we experience the Faith we need to trust our life will be as it needs to be.  We will trust we are held in that Love and as long as we have Faith in Love as a Universal, Cosmic Force, we will be safely and Lovingly guided to where we need to be when.  We are not just our human physical bodies, we are, in fact, energy that expands much higher and broader than the known limitations of our own known body.  If we can imagine spaces of Light and energy all around us and imagine we can communicate with it, through Love, our deepest wishes, hopes and prayers and it responds with Love, we realize that expanded Self is with us, surrounding us always.  It unites with Infinite Love, which is why we are not separate.  With those echoes of Faith, Love and Compassion that we are capable of experiencing and knowing is us in an expanded energetic and spiritual way, we begin to trust we are kept safe.  In that expanded sense of safety, we can surrender our fear for an increase of Faith.  Fear comes from feeling separate from the Infinite Love that supports and surrounds our whole creation.  In truth, we are not separate from the Force of Love Itself.  It is an impossibility.  So, when we feel fearful, it helps to try surrendering that fear to the higher Faith that surrounds us and breathe in that deeper sense of Trust through Faith.  The less fear we carry, the greater our Faith grows and the less fear will be attracted to us.  Shine your own Compassion on your fear and watch it dissolve into even more Love.  Fear and Love cannot co-exist.  Let Love and Compassion shine all the way through.


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