World View Perspective: Changing our self-image through Faith

Maintaining all our human structures from our bodies, our homes, our finances, our relationships and our daily habits and routines can sometimes prevent us from allowing for a change in self-image.  To step into various new roles with new rules in order to establish who we are, means becoming those 'selves' in order to be successful.  The benefits are apparent in order to sustain those aspects of who we are over time.  Yet, in order to shift and change our perspectives and to broaden our view of ourselves and our lives, it may be just as important to open our minds and expand our thoughts.  When we embrace Love, Compassion and Faith, for example, and begin to connect with a larger sense of ourselves and the world, we are growing and viewing things from a much bigger place within us.  We are consciously expanding into our greater intelligence and connecting to a much more truthful sense of who we are.  In that process of greater expansion and growth, we often need to shift and change our self-image. By exercising Faith in the process, we can begin to shed the past identifications of our self and allow for new growth and further development.  See it like a snake shedding it's skin.  It actively, consciously lets go of the old in order to embrace the new.  The old skin is discarded as the snake moves on.  Our human attachments to the old ideas of our self are a challenge in many ways and many people around us don't want us to let go either.  They will tend to keep us tied to old identifications too.  Yet, in order to grow on and often go on, we have to be willing to consciously release what no longer suits us.  Not just release old clothing, old places, old items but release negative ideas about ourselves and others.  Release judgments about our self and others, let go of criticism towards our self and others and consciously, mindfully get rid of fears that have dogged us for so long.  By freeing these old energies up, more positive, open consciousness can come into our systems and awareness.  There is literally more open space available when we consciously let go and embrace a more expanded, positive sense of self.  By having Faith in our self to make and accept the changes in self-image, we feel much more positive about the transformational process and we feel much more positive about our self.


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