Saturday, January 31, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion heals past traumas

When any aspect in our human system is impacted in negative, hurtful, harmful manners, those effected aspects can throw our system into imbalance.  In the state of imbalance, fear can manifest and run amok as if it is a real experience in the here and now.  PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is an example of this.  A memory gets triggered and it throws a person into an operating mode of behaviors that makes the person think the trauma is happening in real time.  Once that happens, it can be difficult or impossible to pull a person back from the triggered response.  When we can access true Compassion in our own Heart, that Compassion when consciously applied to effected, impacted levels of our human aspects, that depth of Love can alter that traumatic experience into a calm and balanced state.  The inner voice of Loving reason can Lovingly convince the triggered response and area to release the pent up fear and release that old energy.  If the heart rate has increased, palms have become sweaty or hands have become shaky, as our own Loving Compassion soothes the panic, we can see visible signs the previous triggered response is slowing down or stopping.  The Love reminds us we are in current time and as such, the previous circumstances have no doubt eased away or are permanently gone.  In that case, we are using the Love itself and it's soothing, comforting, calming reason, from our own inner resources, to literally 'clear the fear'!  By becoming conscious of our own Heart's capability to bring Love into our own system, we can use that Consciousness to remove any triggers of past traumas and set free the hold unreasonable fear has had over our system.  All that will remain instead is more Love and Compassion until that is what we consistently resonate within our system.  This, in turn, manifests more and more Compassionate understanding in us all.  It also reminds us that Love is ultimately all there is to life and bringing forward more Love and Compassion is why we are here.

Monday, January 26, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion for the sense of a separated self

When we feel separate and alone from the rest of the world, we are more conscious of feeling like a separated self.  A feeling no one else would understand, hear us, show us compassion or care what we have been through and consequently how we feel as our self.  It is a sad and empty perception that takes our human conscious to very low places.  When we open our own Heart to listen to and feel the Love we carry, we begin to understand we are not, in truth, a separate self. Our true self is always connected to the higher energy that we are, which goes way beyond our limited human understanding about our self.  Most of our identifications and attachments are with our separate physical self in our physical body.  We can identify with our experiences, opinions, beliefs, past history and, of course, our fears.  When we do, we can easily feel like a separated self, standing apart from others.  The love in our Heart shows us that we are never separate from the Infinite Being of Pure Love at all times.  That pure force of Love holds the whole creation in Love, including us.  A variety of illnesses and physical/emotional imbalances come from this sense of separation; depression, obesity, addictions, overwhelming fears, low to no self-esteem and poor self-images are just some examples.  To open our Hearts and consciously receive the Love and Compassion for ourselves and others, allows this sense of separation to go.  To take new, happier and healthier action to offset this lower consciousness along with the faith it can go, enables the shift to occur.  The true Love that we are only wants to embrace us and become us as we open our Hearts to it.  The more uplifted, inspired and motivated we become by this Love, the more we shine and the more we shine, that Light spreads to others.  Our true self, our true intelligence, our true connection to an expanded sense of Love clears the fears and fills us with positive energy, which resonates with improved health and well being.  Open your Heart to Compassion for your self, your life, others and all of life and feel the overall vibration of Love, without any sense of separation from Love itself.

Friday, January 23, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion for self-acceptance

The human system is very capable of holding onto old ideas about ourselves that continue to haunt, taunt, bother, consume and distract us from experiencing more of who we really are.  The past ideas, old thoughts and feelings go around and around in our minds, as if they can find resolve in that manner.  The greater and more effective way to resolve them and solve them is to offer them to the Love and Compassion in our own Heart.  Our True Heart knows exactly who we are and all that has happened in our life and especially what has affected us and had a negative or hurtful, harmful impact on our system.  In our High Heart's ability, we can know what has happened, surrender it, release it, clear it and clean it through our own inherent Love and Compassion.  Accessing that level of Love and Compassion enables us to be our own best healers.  On our way to realizing who we are, we must let go of who we aren't and we do this process through becoming aware of our own abilities to access Love and self-acceptance.  When we are younger, we make choices based on our best understanding, consciousness, awareness and overall development that we have in any currently developed skill set.  Any and all points in our development that are not adequately developed in those moments, can make it difficult to make positive choices that won't have negative consequences because we are not conscious of the choices we make or why we've made them.  When we mature into greater consciousness and soul development, we must go back through our lifetime to date and, through our Love and Compassion, practice self-acceptance.  Surrender any and all guilt, shame, confusion, control issues, fear based-thinking, negative self-image issues, worry, self-criticism, self-judgment or negative feelings about our past relationships.  We aren't still those aspects of our self and to set free those levels of confusion for greater awareness to come, we must let go and accept our self as we truly are.  Our High Heart knows who we really are and why we have come.  To accept our self as we truly are invites in Joy because we realize we are not the past or the confusion around the past and we are not those old false ideas about that self.  When we let go, we let Compassion fill us with Love and self-acceptance.  In that way, we resonate with more and more Love and Joy, which is our natural state.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

World View Perspective: Joy is spiritual, misery is experienced in the body

Throughout the human lifetime, we go through many cycles of conscious awareness, allowing us to experience joy and misery.  Joy is a positive, high vibration that uplifts us, expands us and allows us to feel elated and inspired.  Misery is a heaviness, spiraling downward energy that can ground us to a halt.  It weighs on us as if something is holding us down against our natural positive state of mind. When our heart is light and open with joy, we feel much more in touch with an expanded consciousness, which enhances our spirit and our life.  A joyful state of mind and being keeps us much more in touch with who we are.  Misery is a stuck, unhappy energy that makes our system dull, negative and even toxic.  We try to hide our misery in many ways often because we don't recognize it or know how to handle it or deal with it properly.  Our spirit, on the other hand, can lift that heavy burden off of us and refresh our system with the light-heartedness of joy.  We just have to trust our spirit and be willing to let the misery go to the higher vibration of joy.  If we image a clogged sink that is now not allowing the water to drain out, we see the stuck material is piling up and there is no movement forward.  Once we add the correct substance to push it through, it all clears and becomes workable again.  When we see our human system the same way, we see when we apply spiritual joy to our human misery, the joy itself will flush the old, stuck stuff up and out until joy remains.  True spiritual joy connects us to spirit, which connects us to higher realms through the Light and vibration of Joy itself until it connects to Infinite Love.  When we open to true joy and welcome it into our system more and more, we fill with a positive vibration, connecting us more completely to who we really are.  Consciously opening to a joyful state of mind and body also helps us enhance our own health and well-being.  It literally enables our Being to come forward and be in it's natural state of well-ness.  Joy uplifts everything around it and when it does, it expands us and enhances all around us, in everyway that is positive.  Choosing Joy, we choose Love.

Friday, January 16, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion for those with no feeling

In the course of being human and receiving certain trainings or experiences in life, basic human feelings towards one's self and other human beings can be shifted, changed or altered.  A cold, hard fa├žade can be created and generated and a great divide can occur.  This process can render one disabled from feeling any true human emotion, blocking them from a true humanitarian connection.  Without a reconnect to the humanitarian aspect, one could go along time without feeling anything.  In that sense of isolation, doing harm to others can occur more easily than with someone who realizes we are basically all in this together.  To not feel anything is not human because we are created to have compassion, understanding, awareness and a genuine ability to care about others around us, related to us or to those with whom we share a history as well as to care about our self.  To cause harm to others, we would have to be 'cut-off' from the awareness that when we hurt someone, we have also effectively hurt our self.  We are all connected, not just in the typical ways we all recognize but energetically, too.  When we understand the physics of energy, we become aware that even if we are clear across the country from someone we love, if we direct negative, harmful energy towards them, on some level, perhaps not expressed, they will still feel it.  When we practice the positive physics of Compassion, Love and Truth to all those we love, the inspiring effects are experienced and they are felt through true feeling.  To those who have consciously, actively 'shut themselves off' to feelings, they prevent positive, fresh, inviting, invigorating, healing possibilities from reaching into their Hearts and souls and uplifting their lives and their energy.  When we hold through our Compassion all those without any feeling, we give them a chance to shift and change their awareness and perceptions to being more open to receiving positive, healthy energy instead of living closed off and removed from their own natural humanitarian responses.  Love is the Cosmic, Universal force that can most effectively change lives for the very best and we do that through our true heart-felt Compassion.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

World View Perspective: Changing our self-image through Faith

Maintaining all our human structures from our bodies, our homes, our finances, our relationships and our daily habits and routines can sometimes prevent us from allowing for a change in self-image.  To step into various new roles with new rules in order to establish who we are, means becoming those 'selves' in order to be successful.  The benefits are apparent in order to sustain those aspects of who we are over time.  Yet, in order to shift and change our perspectives and to broaden our view of ourselves and our lives, it may be just as important to open our minds and expand our thoughts.  When we embrace Love, Compassion and Faith, for example, and begin to connect with a larger sense of ourselves and the world, we are growing and viewing things from a much bigger place within us.  We are consciously expanding into our greater intelligence and connecting to a much more truthful sense of who we are.  In that process of greater expansion and growth, we often need to shift and change our self-image. By exercising Faith in the process, we can begin to shed the past identifications of our self and allow for new growth and further development.  See it like a snake shedding it's skin.  It actively, consciously lets go of the old in order to embrace the new.  The old skin is discarded as the snake moves on.  Our human attachments to the old ideas of our self are a challenge in many ways and many people around us don't want us to let go either.  They will tend to keep us tied to old identifications too.  Yet, in order to grow on and often go on, we have to be willing to consciously release what no longer suits us.  Not just release old clothing, old places, old items but release negative ideas about ourselves and others.  Release judgments about our self and others, let go of criticism towards our self and others and consciously, mindfully get rid of fears that have dogged us for so long.  By freeing these old energies up, more positive, open consciousness can come into our systems and awareness.  There is literally more open space available when we consciously let go and embrace a more expanded, positive sense of self.  By having Faith in our self to make and accept the changes in self-image, we feel much more positive about the transformational process and we feel much more positive about our self.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

World View Perspective: Compassion for our greatest fear

When we search our human system for our greatest fear, we inevitably find it is the fear of not surviving.  For our physical body to perish, means we have not survived.  This fear is gripping and when we hear frightening news of any kind, we can tighten ourselves up as if it is likely to happen to us.  Yet, in our Hearts of Hearts, is a deep and abiding Compassion, which is Love at it's core.  That Love is the core of our True Nature.  When we open to that Love and to the depth of that Love, we experience the Faith we need to trust our life will be as it needs to be.  We will trust we are held in that Love and as long as we have Faith in Love as a Universal, Cosmic Force, we will be safely and Lovingly guided to where we need to be when.  We are not just our human physical bodies, we are, in fact, energy that expands much higher and broader than the known limitations of our own known body.  If we can imagine spaces of Light and energy all around us and imagine we can communicate with it, through Love, our deepest wishes, hopes and prayers and it responds with Love, we realize that expanded Self is with us, surrounding us always.  It unites with Infinite Love, which is why we are not separate.  With those echoes of Faith, Love and Compassion that we are capable of experiencing and knowing is us in an expanded energetic and spiritual way, we begin to trust we are kept safe.  In that expanded sense of safety, we can surrender our fear for an increase of Faith.  Fear comes from feeling separate from the Infinite Love that supports and surrounds our whole creation.  In truth, we are not separate from the Force of Love Itself.  It is an impossibility.  So, when we feel fearful, it helps to try surrendering that fear to the higher Faith that surrounds us and breathe in that deeper sense of Trust through Faith.  The less fear we carry, the greater our Faith grows and the less fear will be attracted to us.  Shine your own Compassion on your fear and watch it dissolve into even more Love.  Fear and Love cannot co-exist.  Let Love and Compassion shine all the way through.

Monday, January 5, 2015

World View Perspective: Fear binds us, Faith sets us free

When we open our Hearts to Compassion for ourselves and others, we see that fear is the bondage that prevents human beings from moving on.  Fear can live in any part of the system, even all parts.  Until or unless it is surrendered to a higher energy, like Faith, fear blocks our ability to see clearly.  Fear traps us, tricks us into believing it is real.  When we put our focus on releasing from the fear through the Faith in our expanded Heart, through Love, we can move ourselves forward towards more Faith and less fear.  Compassion enables us to actively seek greater and greater Faith, knowing it is a greater force to eliminate fear.  Compassion and Faith each access a higher energy that lifts up our perspective away from contracting fear.  Energies of Compassion, Love, Faith and Trust are energies that are part of our expanded Self.  Accessing them through meditation, contemplation or quiet reflection enables our higher Light to shine a greater Truth to us.  With more Light to see, we can clear the fear that binds us.  When we walk in Faith that we are guided and protected by higher aspects of our self, fear loosens it's grip on our system.  Being bound up in fear, we are held back from self-realization, self-understanding and greater consciousness and awareness.  It holds us back to a limited sense of ourselves when, in fact, we are truthfully more capable of being expanded with greater Light, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.  Everything is energy.  Energy can expand or contract.  When we choose to live from an open Heart and an expanded mind, we are choosing a greater Faith in who we are and we are pushing out the fear!  In that greater and expanded sense of Self, fear can only retreat!  Clear the fear by accessing your True Self in the Heart.  Have Faith in your full Heart filled with Compassion and Love.  Let Love clear away the fear because the Force of Love is much more effective at bringing about positive and lasting change.  Have Faith in the Force of Love.