World View Perspective: The evolution of Compassion

The world is beginning to alter old perceptions and perspectives in the wake of an evolving consciousness of Compassion.  Old stuck structures are giving way to a newly evolving acceptance of those who have been repressed, oppressed, depressed and suppressed in our societies.  It is revealing itself across the board.  It can be seen as conflicts arising, dark secrets coming to light or areas finally opening to scrutiny in order to cleanse, clear, refresh and renew because clearly truthful change is needed.  In this effort, many things will finally be released that are no longer needed or useful so something much better and bigger can come.  Our collective opening in the Heart is the sign Compassion is finally coming in as a means to live our lives in ways that are more positive, balanced and harmonious for our own self, system and others that surround us.  Self Compassion, Compassion for others we know, for those we don't know, Compassion for earth and Compassion for our lives can and will continue to grow and expand.  In this spirit, we will begin to understand our collective humanity, open to our greater capabilities to Love unconditionally, even those we may not agree with.  We will be able to open our Hearts because it will be time to do so.  It will be time for a new era of positive, energetic and lasting change where people with fresh ideas, innovative perspectives and inspiring visions of all that is possible can come forward.  We will collectively understand that hurting anyone else is the same as hurting our self, acts of greed, jealousy, manipulation or acts of violence only serve to damage and impose harmful effects on us all.  We are all in this together and we will finally understand, through Compassion, that we are not separate from the same Infinite Love that surrounds us all.  By accessing our own Heart's True Compassion, we can uplift our self and all those we love to higher and broader perspectives that consequently access and resonate with even more Love.  Compassionate Love clears the fear and negativity that blocks us all from our Humanity.  As we open our collective Hearts and Minds, an evolving Compassion will show us the way forward to a greater and happier world.


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