World View Perspective: Compassion with courage can change the world.

When compassion becomes action along with courage, people, projects and purpose can change the world.  It becomes a force for positive change in the world.  True heart felt compassion and courage are both deep Love in action.  To become empowered, we need to access the powers of compassion, action and courage in order to bring about positive results.  Standing for what is in our Heart of hearts brings justice, balance, peace and correct action for many who would otherwise remain silent.  Uprisings for greater change must be fueled by true intent to make right what has been imbalanced or societies will not progress and human beings cannot continue to evolve, shift and change.  The world stage is currently going through many processes of change.  Old structures are breaking down so a greater fairness and balance can come.  Those wanting to maintain a solid structure will and do fight to keep what has previously been their domain.  It takes sheer determination to continue standing for and creating change.  Yet change must happen for ultimate harmony to flourish.  Equality is an imperative and it starts with becoming consciously Compassionate about where the imbalances and inequalities have been.  Once that is determined, standing for how to bring about the balances must be done.  With a Heart full of courage and a committed stand for Compassion, equality can happen.  The Force of Love is a strong and committed way to ensure positive change can and will happen for us all.


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