World View Perspective: Compassion for those who cannot release the past

A New Year is a refreshing new opportunity to let go and move on from old wounds, confusion, pain and heartache.  Practicing fresh new forgiveness, learning from past experiences and embracing a new self image is healthy and it promotes a greater sense of well being.  The Love inherently found in our Heart knows all we have been through and why.  It knows the impact others have had on our system throughout our lives.  Accessing the Love and Compassion in our Hearts and applying Love to the areas within us that still hurt, allows us, invites us to heal.  With this Loving intention, we feel uplifted and more aligned and attuned with Love itself.  We need not live in misery.  We need not live in fear.  We have experienced it in differing measures and perhaps identified with it but we are, in fact, not misery or fear itself.  Attachment to fear and misery keep us bound to the past.  Just like we change our clothes, wash them and put on fresh items, we can also keep our energy clear and clean, too, by releasing what is old from past identifications. 

As the old story goes, " A young monk and an old monk were walking by a stream.  They came upon a lady who wished to cross.  They had both taken vows to not touch females so the young monk hesitated.  The older monk swept her up and carried her quickly across the stream and set her down.  After two hours of walking together further, the young monk could no longer stand it and stood in front of the older monk, demanding an answer. 'We took vows to not touch women.  You touched her when you carried her across the stream.'  'Yes,' replied the older monk.  'I carried her two minutes, whereas you have carried her for two hours.'

We create heavy burdens for ourselves when we will not let go of the attachments, identification and reactions from the past when they can be Lovingly surrendered and truly released.  Offer them to Infinite Love itself. Being grateful in our Heart and soul for each moment and breath of our life allows us to feel that Love and Compassion we carry without the rest of our system holding onto what is no longer useful for healthy to carry.  Surrender the past negativity to the Love and Compassion in your own Heart and feel how much lighter you feel.  Let in fresh Love and let it become who you are and watch the Loving transformation happen!  May Peace, Love and Compassion be with us all!


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