Wednesday, December 31, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for those who cannot release the past

A New Year is a refreshing new opportunity to let go and move on from old wounds, confusion, pain and heartache.  Practicing fresh new forgiveness, learning from past experiences and embracing a new self image is healthy and it promotes a greater sense of well being.  The Love inherently found in our Heart knows all we have been through and why.  It knows the impact others have had on our system throughout our lives.  Accessing the Love and Compassion in our Hearts and applying Love to the areas within us that still hurt, allows us, invites us to heal.  With this Loving intention, we feel uplifted and more aligned and attuned with Love itself.  We need not live in misery.  We need not live in fear.  We have experienced it in differing measures and perhaps identified with it but we are, in fact, not misery or fear itself.  Attachment to fear and misery keep us bound to the past.  Just like we change our clothes, wash them and put on fresh items, we can also keep our energy clear and clean, too, by releasing what is old from past identifications. 

As the old story goes, " A young monk and an old monk were walking by a stream.  They came upon a lady who wished to cross.  They had both taken vows to not touch females so the young monk hesitated.  The older monk swept her up and carried her quickly across the stream and set her down.  After two hours of walking together further, the young monk could no longer stand it and stood in front of the older monk, demanding an answer. 'We took vows to not touch women.  You touched her when you carried her across the stream.'  'Yes,' replied the older monk.  'I carried her two minutes, whereas you have carried her for two hours.'

We create heavy burdens for ourselves when we will not let go of the attachments, identification and reactions from the past when they can be Lovingly surrendered and truly released.  Offer them to Infinite Love itself. Being grateful in our Heart and soul for each moment and breath of our life allows us to feel that Love and Compassion we carry without the rest of our system holding onto what is no longer useful for healthy to carry.  Surrender the past negativity to the Love and Compassion in your own Heart and feel how much lighter you feel.  Let in fresh Love and let it become who you are and watch the Loving transformation happen!  May Peace, Love and Compassion be with us all!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion sees through the veils of pretense

Human beings are quite skilled at hiding, pretending and masking emotions, feelings, thoughts, reactions and behaviors that might make them unfavorable in the eyes of others.  It helps to preserve the areas where they feel most vulnerable, afraid, susceptible or fragile.  When we access compassion through the awareness of a higher Love found in our highest Heart, there is no further need to cover up our perceived areas of weakness.  The true Force of Love streams right into our consciousness and it clears away all the confusion and removes our locks and blocks until all we know is the Love we are within.  It brings us into the now moment where healing, balance and harmony is able to grow, develop and expand.  Where we 'knot' up with a sense of falsehood, compassion unties that 'knot' and sets us free.  Pain belong to the past and it should be released back to the past for us to get past it.  Compassion reminds us of the Love that surrounds us, sustains us and supports us in the creation and beyond.  Love pervades the universal and cosmic planes of existence and it is in all living and loving beings, no matter how veiled, lost, isolated or hidden we can be.  Love is the energy of life and it provides openings for inspirations, aspirations, unity, connections and Grace.  With true compassion opened, awakened and alive in our systems, Love can and will flood our self with greater truth and resonate more and more with an expanded feeling of Love.  Veils of pretense cannot stand up to compassion just as fear cannot stand up to Love.  Let Love through, feeling and filling yourself with true compassion.  Become that Love you are already!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion with courage can change the world.

When compassion becomes action along with courage, people, projects and purpose can change the world.  It becomes a force for positive change in the world.  True heart felt compassion and courage are both deep Love in action.  To become empowered, we need to access the powers of compassion, action and courage in order to bring about positive results.  Standing for what is in our Heart of hearts brings justice, balance, peace and correct action for many who would otherwise remain silent.  Uprisings for greater change must be fueled by true intent to make right what has been imbalanced or societies will not progress and human beings cannot continue to evolve, shift and change.  The world stage is currently going through many processes of change.  Old structures are breaking down so a greater fairness and balance can come.  Those wanting to maintain a solid structure will and do fight to keep what has previously been their domain.  It takes sheer determination to continue standing for and creating change.  Yet change must happen for ultimate harmony to flourish.  Equality is an imperative and it starts with becoming consciously Compassionate about where the imbalances and inequalities have been.  Once that is determined, standing for how to bring about the balances must be done.  With a Heart full of courage and a committed stand for Compassion, equality can happen.  The Force of Love is a strong and committed way to ensure positive change can and will happen for us all.

Monday, December 15, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion is without judgment

To consciously surrender self judgment and judgment towards others, allows our high Heart to open to compassion.  When we are experiencing Compassion towards our self and others, judgment is absent.  Judgment is a negative and constricted view and perspective which effectively locks and blocks us in.  Loving, active Compassion flows freely without restriction and fills us with joy, truth and Love.  It unites us with Source instead of preventing us from feeling the Oneness of life.  When we think or feel as if we are separate from the Source of Infinite Love, then negativity, judgment and falsehood can derail us from our greater truth, Love and Compassion.  Consequently, we get pulled into a closed minded perspective and evolving or progressing further is inhibited.  Compassion opens the Heart and expands our perspective, inviting, enabling and allowing a greater connection and experience of Source.  In that state, we know nothing is really separate from the Love itself.  The true Force of Love enables and supports the whole of creation and it is not possible to be separate from that Force of Love.  We just have to focus on our Highest Heart to remember who we really are within.  Allowing that Love to and through, resets our energy and vibration to Love, healing and truth because we fill with the true experience of Compassion with nothing in our way!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

World View Perspective: The evolution of Compassion

The world is beginning to alter old perceptions and perspectives in the wake of an evolving consciousness of Compassion.  Old stuck structures are giving way to a newly evolving acceptance of those who have been repressed, oppressed, depressed and suppressed in our societies.  It is revealing itself across the board.  It can be seen as conflicts arising, dark secrets coming to light or areas finally opening to scrutiny in order to cleanse, clear, refresh and renew because clearly truthful change is needed.  In this effort, many things will finally be released that are no longer needed or useful so something much better and bigger can come.  Our collective opening in the Heart is the sign Compassion is finally coming in as a means to live our lives in ways that are more positive, balanced and harmonious for our own self, system and others that surround us.  Self Compassion, Compassion for others we know, for those we don't know, Compassion for earth and Compassion for our lives can and will continue to grow and expand.  In this spirit, we will begin to understand our collective humanity, open to our greater capabilities to Love unconditionally, even those we may not agree with.  We will be able to open our Hearts because it will be time to do so.  It will be time for a new era of positive, energetic and lasting change where people with fresh ideas, innovative perspectives and inspiring visions of all that is possible can come forward.  We will collectively understand that hurting anyone else is the same as hurting our self, acts of greed, jealousy, manipulation or acts of violence only serve to damage and impose harmful effects on us all.  We are all in this together and we will finally understand, through Compassion, that we are not separate from the same Infinite Love that surrounds us all.  By accessing our own Heart's True Compassion, we can uplift our self and all those we love to higher and broader perspectives that consequently access and resonate with even more Love.  Compassionate Love clears the fear and negativity that blocks us all from our Humanity.  As we open our collective Hearts and Minds, an evolving Compassion will show us the way forward to a greater and happier world.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion is the Heart's Understanding

When Compassion is activated in us, it is knowledge in the Heart that opens.  Compassion reveals to us our humanity along with our inner connection to the bigger picture.  In a snapshot, we can feel the depth of Love for our self and all we have experienced and the same deep heart-felt response towards others.  This Love is truth through the Heart.  It shows us we are not separate from the force of Love itself.  The truth of Love is dynamic as it is present.  Pure Love cuts through any and all barriers that have false origins.  It is like a lightening strike against a darkened sky, in a flash, all is revealed that the clouds hoped to hide.  When the flashes of Compassion come, all is illuminated because in those moments, the light of Love is present.  Ego may feel real to us but, in fact, that isn't who we really are.  Our Light goes much further and much higher than our ego and the limitations of the ego.  When we only identify with our mind and body, in terms of who we are, we deny the existence of our full and whole self.  Our deeper, higher self is also accessible and once we can access it, a whole new perspective comes with it.  We realize how connected we all are and how, in union through the Heart, through a living Compassion, we can collectively 'lift up" the masses.  Try walking by someone you don't know and sending the energy of Love to them.  Energetically, they can feel it.  They might respond for no apparent reason or just step a bit lighter as they pass by.  We are capable of sending and receiving positive energy to those around us through the Heart and it's intentions.  If we could all experience the Heart's Compassion and pass it on to others to awaken their Hearts, that Love could encircle the globe and transform us all.  When we open to our Heart's understanding through Compassion, we enable others to do the same.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassionate Joy

When compassion touches our Heart and spreads to another, joy is evident.  Joy moves the soul into positive action.  Like a song makes us want to dance, the feeling of compassion makes us happy to be alive and able to feel the force of positivity.  Compassionate Joy is saying to our human system being alive is a continuing gift from life itself.  It is a true heart-felt expression of genuine care, depth and understanding.  Joy is an active release of Loving Compassion.  Try it for yourself.  Feel as much open Hearted Joy within yourself, let it spread to all parts of yourself; mental, emotional, physical and into the past 'you'.  Feel the power and energy of the Compassionate Joy as it moves your Heart to accept life right now.  Smile, dance, open up to Joy as a living energy and transformational vibration into a continued happiness.  Our system receives so much daily negativity and it can hold and contain any old hurts, pains and discomforts as if they just happened yesterday.  Given all the old, stagnant energy, there simply must be another force, capable of shifting and changing the negativity to a positive energy within us.  Compassionate Joy is such a force for positive change.  It is a real feeling that heals as it lightens our heavy experiences and literally changes the old vibration.  As a positive vibration, it uplifts everything around it.  Watch a baby smile or laugh and so does everyone else.  Accessing our Highest Love energy will shift and change who we are and enable all those we love to feel it as well as the whole world.  Standing for Compassionate Joy is standing for a positive experience in life and supporting and inspiring all of life to do the same.