World View Perspective: Understanding energy through discernment

Accessing the Heart's intelligence, allows us to experience a subtle energy field of intuitive feeling.  As we practice this experience of feeling what aligns with the Heart and what doesn't align, we also realize that we can change the energy we recognize is not who we are inside.  If a fly lands on our arm and we don't want it there, we swat at it and cause it to leave the area.  We have signaled that we don't want it there.  Consequently, it leaves.  If we walk between two people arguing, we can attune to the energy between them. We feel the negative exchange.  We can consciously shift, change and clear our energy field to remove and release their energy because we are aware it doesn't resonate as us.  As this art of clearing is practiced more and more, we become more sensitive and aware of subtle energies.  We also learn to discern our own energy and when it is impacted by others.  Paying attention, we also see how our energy has an effect on others.  When we feel compassionate towards other people, the earth, our life and our self, we are using Love as a positive energy.  The energy of compassion/Compassion is a beautiful, pure, positive energy for transformational purposes.  It comes from the High Heart and it is through the Love we can shift negative, old, stagnant energy into a more uplifting and inspiring experience.  It lightens and brightens our Heart to feel and be in the energy of Loving compassion.  It is the highest source and force for happy and healthy changes to our lives.


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