World View Perspective: Fear loses its grip through Compassion

When fear grips our system, holding it too tight, Compassion is the force that allows it, invites it to let go.  Fear is so often not real.  Some have said it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real: FEAR.  Fear contracts our system because of our response to it.  Compassion opens our system to Love, Faith, Trust and Peace, all of which expand us.  We grow in Consciousness through Compassion and we pull back from life through the grip of fear.  Fear assumes the worse, Compassion supplies the best.  Love wants us to expand our perspective through Love, fear wants to control us through fear.  If our human system represents structure that houses our spirit; our relationship to Source, the fear is housed in our body because fear lives in the system.  Source and spirit, Love itself, is also all around us and also within us.  By opening our heart to and through Compassion and consciously applying it to our fear in the body, fear cannot stay stuck. Compassion lifts the fear and dissolves it through Love as a positive force for change.  It is a higher vibration and a higher Light.  When we apply Light to darkness, the Light illuminates what has been blocked and locked.  Fear is a strong lock and block in a system.  Our greatest fear is that we won't survive.  Any part of the system can get knotted up by this unconscious fear.  Once we open our higher Heart to feel and experience Compassion, we realize we are 'knot' the fear.  We begin surrendering the tight, unconscious fear to the Love of Compassion.  Fear takes the form of many things and it is the breeding ground for negativity.  Compassion sets us free of fear through the positive presence of Love, all of which we already are within.


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