World View Perspective: Compassion for believing we are just the mind and body

It has been said that we only use 5% of our brain.  If that is true and we are identified and attached to just our mind and the body mind we are in, then perhaps we are not using all our intelligence or broader capabilities.  If everything is energy and if we use spiritual applications that assume we are also connected to our spirit, we can recognize and realize that the energy of spirit, of Source, of deeper Heart and soul are also facilities we can develop and utilize for greater and expanded good.  See it like a guitar with multiple strings designed to harmonize all the way out into the universal and cosmic realms as well as our human form and the earth.  As the guitar is played, different vibrations of sound and energy go further out and deeper within.  If we don't know the various strings are available and come with the guitar, we won't realize how profoundly we can play it.  Compassion takes us beyond the realm of just the mind and body to the Infinite Love itself.  We remember we are not separate from it.  When our High Heart is open to Compassion, we know Love on a High scale.  From that stronger platform, we see how much suffering and misery is locked in the human body and mind and therefore the world.  In our expanded view, we recognize and realize we are not that suffering and misery.  We recognize it because we are using another facility.  Albert Einstein implied that we can't use the same facility that created a problem to solve the problem.  We must use a different facility to solve it.  The different facility is an open Heart and expanded intellect, full of compassion.  Compassion is the energy we need to overcome our own misery and suffering and to know we are more than our limited body and mind.  Compassion is the energy of transformation.


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