World View Perspective: Compassion as a three-way river

If we consider a relationship with Infinite Love, to and through our system into earth, touching all living things as a source of healing, Loving transformation, Compassion is the path to take.  Compassion links us to our humanity, to all living things, to earth itself and it says 'YES' to the universe.  It is like a three-way river of conscious Love, making us aware of how deeply connected we all are in truth.  Separation does not exist when we are attuned to compassion.  Compassion is not a thought, it is a deep and profound feeling found in the High Heart.  It enables us to be conduits allowing freedom of movement with Compassion as the Source and Force for transformational change.  It works in our system to activate unity, understanding and goodness as it frees up stuck, old, immovable energy, carrying it forward and releasing it. Picture a drain in your kitchen that is clogged with old stuck parts of matter; grease, dirt, eggshells and tops of vegetables.  When you add a cleanser, it pushes against the old clutter and sets it free to move forward.  Soon, all the pipes are clean, fresh and vibrating a more positive energy. Compassion works the same way.  It comes to and through us to enlighten, refresh and uplift us as we open to it, invite it in and learn to collaborate with it.  It is Cosmic Love in motion and it touches everything in the most inspiring ways.


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