Dissolving misery through Compassion

Like a mother's tears can dissolve a child's pain and misery after a fall, compassion dissolves any human misery we carry.  It isn't just through recognizing it, realizing it or wanting the misery to go.  It is something deeper.  The compassion shows us who we are and not just what happened to us.  We can have compassion just for our own confusion about who we are and who we aren't.  The more compassion we apply, the more we surrender the misery and fill with more Love, acceptance and understanding, which clears the way.  Much of our human misery comes from holding onto the past and believing we are that.  Instead of the perspective that we are more about the energy of Love and Compassion, accessible right now.  Unresolved and trapped energy in our bodies and minds acts like locks and blocks to our greater consciousness, awareness and true heart felt compassion.  To move that old energy out and through, the energy of compassion is a reliable application.  It is like using a bright flashlight in a dark cave of self-doubt.  Once you see your way into and through it, using the light, the darkness cannot hide.  With an open Heart of Love, we begin to realize we are not the misery.  Our Heart instead shows us we are the Love and the action of that Love is compassion/Compassion.  Compassion releases the withheld misery and allows us to actively, consciously fill our system with the energy of Compassion.  Creating the space where Love can remain our constant, positive and healing force for transformational change.


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