Monday, November 24, 2014

World View Perspective: Understanding energy through discernment

Accessing the Heart's intelligence, allows us to experience a subtle energy field of intuitive feeling.  As we practice this experience of feeling what aligns with the Heart and what doesn't align, we also realize that we can change the energy we recognize is not who we are inside.  If a fly lands on our arm and we don't want it there, we swat at it and cause it to leave the area.  We have signaled that we don't want it there.  Consequently, it leaves.  If we walk between two people arguing, we can attune to the energy between them. We feel the negative exchange.  We can consciously shift, change and clear our energy field to remove and release their energy because we are aware it doesn't resonate as us.  As this art of clearing is practiced more and more, we become more sensitive and aware of subtle energies.  We also learn to discern our own energy and when it is impacted by others.  Paying attention, we also see how our energy has an effect on others.  When we feel compassionate towards other people, the earth, our life and our self, we are using Love as a positive energy.  The energy of compassion/Compassion is a beautiful, pure, positive energy for transformational purposes.  It comes from the High Heart and it is through the Love we can shift negative, old, stagnant energy into a more uplifting and inspiring experience.  It lightens and brightens our Heart to feel and be in the energy of Loving compassion.  It is the highest source and force for happy and healthy changes to our lives.

Friday, November 21, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion as a three-way river

If we consider a relationship with Infinite Love, to and through our system into earth, touching all living things as a source of healing, Loving transformation, Compassion is the path to take.  Compassion links us to our humanity, to all living things, to earth itself and it says 'YES' to the universe.  It is like a three-way river of conscious Love, making us aware of how deeply connected we all are in truth.  Separation does not exist when we are attuned to compassion.  Compassion is not a thought, it is a deep and profound feeling found in the High Heart.  It enables us to be conduits allowing freedom of movement with Compassion as the Source and Force for transformational change.  It works in our system to activate unity, understanding and goodness as it frees up stuck, old, immovable energy, carrying it forward and releasing it. Picture a drain in your kitchen that is clogged with old stuck parts of matter; grease, dirt, eggshells and tops of vegetables.  When you add a cleanser, it pushes against the old clutter and sets it free to move forward.  Soon, all the pipes are clean, fresh and vibrating a more positive energy. Compassion works the same way.  It comes to and through us to enlighten, refresh and uplift us as we open to it, invite it in and learn to collaborate with it.  It is Cosmic Love in motion and it touches everything in the most inspiring ways.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for believing we are just the mind and body

It has been said that we only use 5% of our brain.  If that is true and we are identified and attached to just our mind and the body mind we are in, then perhaps we are not using all our intelligence or broader capabilities.  If everything is energy and if we use spiritual applications that assume we are also connected to our spirit, we can recognize and realize that the energy of spirit, of Source, of deeper Heart and soul are also facilities we can develop and utilize for greater and expanded good.  See it like a guitar with multiple strings designed to harmonize all the way out into the universal and cosmic realms as well as our human form and the earth.  As the guitar is played, different vibrations of sound and energy go further out and deeper within.  If we don't know the various strings are available and come with the guitar, we won't realize how profoundly we can play it.  Compassion takes us beyond the realm of just the mind and body to the Infinite Love itself.  We remember we are not separate from it.  When our High Heart is open to Compassion, we know Love on a High scale.  From that stronger platform, we see how much suffering and misery is locked in the human body and mind and therefore the world.  In our expanded view, we recognize and realize we are not that suffering and misery.  We recognize it because we are using another facility.  Albert Einstein implied that we can't use the same facility that created a problem to solve the problem.  We must use a different facility to solve it.  The different facility is an open Heart and expanded intellect, full of compassion.  Compassion is the energy we need to overcome our own misery and suffering and to know we are more than our limited body and mind.  Compassion is the energy of transformation.

Monday, November 10, 2014

World View Perspective: Fear loses its grip through Compassion

When fear grips our system, holding it too tight, Compassion is the force that allows it, invites it to let go.  Fear is so often not real.  Some have said it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real: FEAR.  Fear contracts our system because of our response to it.  Compassion opens our system to Love, Faith, Trust and Peace, all of which expand us.  We grow in Consciousness through Compassion and we pull back from life through the grip of fear.  Fear assumes the worse, Compassion supplies the best.  Love wants us to expand our perspective through Love, fear wants to control us through fear.  If our human system represents structure that houses our spirit; our relationship to Source, the fear is housed in our body because fear lives in the system.  Source and spirit, Love itself, is also all around us and also within us.  By opening our heart to and through Compassion and consciously applying it to our fear in the body, fear cannot stay stuck. Compassion lifts the fear and dissolves it through Love as a positive force for change.  It is a higher vibration and a higher Light.  When we apply Light to darkness, the Light illuminates what has been blocked and locked.  Fear is a strong lock and block in a system.  Our greatest fear is that we won't survive.  Any part of the system can get knotted up by this unconscious fear.  Once we open our higher Heart to feel and experience Compassion, we realize we are 'knot' the fear.  We begin surrendering the tight, unconscious fear to the Love of Compassion.  Fear takes the form of many things and it is the breeding ground for negativity.  Compassion sets us free of fear through the positive presence of Love, all of which we already are within.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dissolving misery through Compassion

Like a mother's tears can dissolve a child's pain and misery after a fall, compassion dissolves any human misery we carry.  It isn't just through recognizing it, realizing it or wanting the misery to go.  It is something deeper.  The compassion shows us who we are and not just what happened to us.  We can have compassion just for our own confusion about who we are and who we aren't.  The more compassion we apply, the more we surrender the misery and fill with more Love, acceptance and understanding, which clears the way.  Much of our human misery comes from holding onto the past and believing we are that.  Instead of the perspective that we are more about the energy of Love and Compassion, accessible right now.  Unresolved and trapped energy in our bodies and minds acts like locks and blocks to our greater consciousness, awareness and true heart felt compassion.  To move that old energy out and through, the energy of compassion is a reliable application.  It is like using a bright flashlight in a dark cave of self-doubt.  Once you see your way into and through it, using the light, the darkness cannot hide.  With an open Heart of Love, we begin to realize we are not the misery.  Our Heart instead shows us we are the Love and the action of that Love is compassion/Compassion.  Compassion releases the withheld misery and allows us to actively, consciously fill our system with the energy of Compassion.  Creating the space where Love can remain our constant, positive and healing force for transformational change.

Monday, November 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for the human experience

Honoring and respecting all aspects of the human experience, along with the gift of discernment, compassion is the best application to uplift the entire experience.  Gratitude and forgiveness are useful, positive and inspiring energies that accentuate our compassion.  Love itself has great Compassion for us.  Love itself as a Universal, Cosmic force understands the human experience and behaviors, as well as the pain, struggle and misery we all experience.  When we consciously, actively open our hearts to that higher level of Love and acceptance, along with discernment, we realize that it is through the Heart; it's Love, understanding and compassion, all other human experiences, in terms of any withheld negativity, are released.  Compassion wants us to surrender any misery to it so we can instead, fill with self-compassion until full, spilling out onto the whole of life.  A heart full of Love and Compassion vibrates that joy effortlessly to others, allowing more to transform and change the overall vibration of where we stand and all that we see.  Every age and stage of life has merit, validity and purpose when seen through the eyes of development and growth; physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  The point is to keep going and growing through opening our heart and minds to higher and higher experiences of Love and joy.  To do that, aspire to open, know and experience compassion/Compassion and invite compassion to be your constant companion in Love, right into your human experience!