World View Perspective: Misplaced compassion

Everything is energy, including compassion.  To open our High Heart and experience compassion, to our self and towards others, Love flows unhindered towards the objects of our heart felt compassion.  Like waves on a lake surround an island as it laps it with an almost Loving embrace, allowing and inviting it to shift, change and transform through positive effort and intention.  However, if there is a poison released from the island, it would soon poison the lake.  In that case, the wisest thing for the water to do would be to pull back and direct the fluid energy in a new direction.  Perhaps towards a more open, worthy and receptive place, willing to receive the positive effort of the compassion.  Sometimes, the signal comes that more compassion is the answer.  The more the resistance, the more the compassion.  Yet, if the giver of compassion is becoming drained, strained or pained, it is appropriate and timely to stand further back and reassess the situation.  Compassion fills our heart and soul with Loving energy as a two-way communication with Love itself.  If we have misplaced our compassion, it may be most appropriate to turn it inward to our self and fill with more open and receptive Love within us.  Once we are full of Heart, our compassion is again ready to flow in the direction of the next call for compassion.  We make this assessment by noticing how sharing our compassion makes us feel.  When we notice the compassion and Love goes back and forth, it will continue to grow and flow correctly and with greater positive outcome.  If we become aware we don't feel positive or welcomed or respected with our efforts, over time, we must consider our compassion has likely been misplaced.  As long as we respect our compassion, we will remain open to the experience of compassion/Compassion within our self, flowing both ways, and be able to offer more as we fill with more open Loving compassion.


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