World View Perspective: Intelligent compassion

Often in society, human aspects of 'feeling' are considered weak, unnecessary or not useful.  It can make us feel too vulnerable, too open, too sensitive and too susceptible to being hurt or taken advantage of in day to day life with others.  Yet, true compassion is an intelligent Heart experience of deeper understanding and conscious awareness.  It comes from a higher awareness perspective; the truth about our common wholeness and human experience.  As an old adage once stated so succinctly, "I once cried that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."  Author unknown.

Intelligent compassion is a living grace that enables us to Love unconditionally all aspects of life through the deeper understanding that all of life is necessary, ultimately for further soul growth, and to open us to a more Loving perspective found in our High Heart.  The same intelligent compassion also opens us to any locks or blocks in our system where we also shut down to prevent further vulnerabilities or pain. It opens us through allowing Love in to replace the pain or resistance. The Compassion is a life giving force of Love that maintains and sustains the whole of life.  It is within us and it surrounds us as we consciously Love the Love we are within. As that Love continues to grow and expand, first with us and from us into others, it continues to flow into earth as it touches all around us.  In that way, Love carries us home to the greater wholeness and harmony found in the common unity of Heart!


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