World View Perspective: Healing sadness through Compassion

Of all the human emotions and systematic human experiences we can feel, sadness is a very difficult and heavy energy on our system and in our life.  Instead of discerning we are not the actual sadness we carry versus being aware that something in our system is sad, we can easily identify with it as if it is who we are in truth.  In truth, we are the awareness that we are not the actual sadness.  Our true intelligence is awareness and consciousness, which allows us to witness our system rather than identify, react, respond or attach to how our system is feeling.  If a wound has occurred in the past, we can still feel it as if it just happened.  Our personal emotional levels of human awareness and experience do not know time and therefore, cannot discern the wound happened in the past.  By recognizing and realizing a wound in our system or life exists and by consciously surrendering it to the true Heart's Compassion, found in the Heart of Hearts in each of us, the sadness can begin to release and heal.  The Love itself takes heavy, no longer useful old energy and shifts, changes and transforms it so it is useful in a much more positive way.  Forgiveness and gratitude assist us in this process.  The past experiences allow us and invite us to grow, expand, mature and move forward.  For this reason, we must remain grateful for the ultimate growth each experience brings into our life.  Sadness can lock and block our system from receiving positive, Loving energy.  Let it go consciously by welcoming true Compassion in to carry it away and be replenished by fresh, new revitalizing healing energy.


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