World View Perspective: The Consciousness of Compassion

The consciousness of compassion is a dynamic force.  If a mother sees her child is about to be hit by a car, she doesn't gently stroll out into the street to prevent the accident, she jumps in and takes immediate action.  The consciousness of compassion can come to and through our system in, at least, four distinct ways.  One way is Loving, gentle and kind with a true heart's understanding and with sweet support.  Secondly, it can strike hard and fast like lightening in the moment it is needed to break open what has been hardened, closed and false. Thirdly, the consciousness of the compassion can stand strong and clear and just bring the truth forward into the situation.  Lastly, the consciousness can simply do what has to be done to bring balance, harmony and peace through the simplest of day to day actions and tasks.  What is clear is the pure intention of compassion.  To bring resolve through Love and to clear the fear.  Love is more powerful than fear and the Consciousness of Compassion simply seeks Compassionate Collaborators to ensure that all locks and blocks to Love, Truth and Joy are revealed and removed to restore Peace to us all, mankind and the earth.  It takes an open Heart, an open mind and a willingness to seek our highest aspiration for positive change, believing Peace is possible through positive action.


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