World View Perspective: Compassionate Collaborators

If we imagine our open Heart connected to Compassion as a pathway all the way up to the highest Love possible and down through our entire human system into earth, all the animals and all of mankind, a joy spreads quickly through us reflecting a deep gratitude for the wholeness of life.  When we can open our Heart in such a way, we become active conscious Compassionate Collaborators with Love itself.  Our human system becomes a conduit for positive energy to flow and touch every part of life, enabling peace and joy as energy, having a positive, healthy and happy impact on our system, others in our life and our environment, enhancing our life.  Everything is energy and when we consciously actively make it positive energy, everything resonates with that same energy.  To awaken and enliven life and our system, Love is the constant to seek.  The purity of faith in the force of Love itself enables everything to fall into place at the right time in the right way.  The more we continue aspiring towards becoming Compassionate Collaborators, the more the same energy responds, transforming our thoughts, feelings and actions into a force for positive change.


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