World View Perspective: Compassion clears our unconsciousness

Compassion for our self is the deeper Loving respect and clearing energy that can awaken our self to our Self, especially when we are deeply confused and misunderstanding an occurrence or situation. With a sincere aspiration to know what we cannot see, fathom or comprehend, Compassion is a Loving, positive force that gently guides us to our own discoveries that enable our continued growth and expansion.  Through Love, we can awaken and begin releasing what has caused the confusing experience and show us the clear and positive steps to take to restore inner balance and harmony, pushing out what was not previously
understood.  Like an onion, this awareness peels us back until the core of clarity reveals itself as we aspire to know and understand through clear realization.  As the Living, conscious Grace, which is Compassion in motion, operates in our system, always purifying, removing and taking out what has blocked our awareness, we will grow!  This upward movement, combined with our continued aspiration to seek greater truth and understanding, we are able to gain further and further insight into how the force of Love works as a collaborative, dynamic energy for positive and ongoing change.


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