World View Perspective: Compassion for the unconscious

All of life is a growing and expanding learning experience.  Throughout our various ages and stages development, both human and spiritual, we shift and change in order to grow and learn more about who we are and who we aren't.  As we go through a variety of cycles, we awaken and realize that previous choices were maybe not the most positive, useful or life enhancing as others for our greater health, balance and happiness.  Once we realize this, we seek to actively make positive choices through surrendering the previous selections and working towards what is much more inspiring for our overall well being.  It gets easier then to throw away that part of our self in negative ways instead of having compassion for all our efforts, even while we were unconscious in our choices.  When we have compassion for our old choices, no matter what it yielded or what the results were, we stand in a much healthier, happier, accepting place than if we 'turn against' our self in the process.  Self forgiveness and self compassion enhance forgiveness and compassion for all and the restoration of positive thinking and feeling as our base.  Why scold a three year old harshly for doing what three year olds do but by the time they are ten or sooner, releasing the old behaviors should have been done, valued, appreciated and outgrown.  Our growth and maturity is the same.  No need to beat our self up for being unconscious, instead Love yourself through conscious Compassion and move forward into more and more Consciousness and Compassion, letting go of the old and becoming refreshed and new, trusting the deeper Love you are inside.


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