World View Perspective: Compassion for our lowest sense of worth

When we have experienced our lowest sense of self worth, that is the time to open our highest Heart to receive our inner strength of compassion and understanding. Just like a child, after having a difficult day at a school, comes home angry, stressed, disappointed and hurt and they turn to their mother for comfort and reassurance.  Through the depth of our own Heart comes the very Love we seek that allows us, invites us to let go and to heal.  In the human system there is a great capacity to feel such despair and to reach such compassion.  As we aspire higher and higher to grow and expand our understanding about life and Love, more of our Heart opens. It can flood us with the very Love we seek to bring comfort through the vast understanding that is inherent in the Heart as a source of endless compassion. Union with the Love that is not separate from us is a source of Joy and fulfillment.  When we can experience the Love we each are and Love that Love fully, we embrace that very source of Love itself and once we know we are not separate, we are overwhelmed by that energy of union.  It becomes a source of energy we can tap daily through forgiveness, gratitude and deep appreciation.  Our lowest sense of self is a systematic experience and lives within our human structure; our physical bodies.  When our highest Heart opens to experience our Heart's Compassion, the source of Love is present.  That Love can and does heal our systematic physical human body through releasing what is not Loving, transforming it into joy!


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