World View Perspective: Applying Compassion to the past

Experiences and lessons from the past often cloud our vision and ideas of who we are in the present and even influence the future of our lives.  They pass through our minds like clouds in the sky and when they grab our attention and become real, it can feel as if they are still 'holding court' within us.  When we apply heart-felt Compassion for past experiences that allowed us to let go, move forward, grow and mature, we should be grateful and let the past go back to where it should be.  Let it be an experience we had before and not something we continue having.  In this way forgiveness and gratitude for our past becomes our way of life as we open our mind and heart to more Compassion for all of our life experiences.  Compassion fills our system with Love and acceptance as we release from the past attachments to the learning and growth that took place.  Like a seed that first starts in a hardened shell.  As it grows and develops, it sheds the shell and expands as the plant or flower it is meant to be.  It continues to move forward in it's growth and movement as it is destined to do.  Without releasing from the earlier stages, it would inhibit it's intended growth cycle.  Love for each age and stage of our life is what allows us the ability to go and grow.  Applied Compassion for all we have known and learned, keeps us healthier, more positive and more present now.  Compassion keeps our Heart open, happy and full, adding meaning and a higher purpose to our lives.  Welcome Compassion into your past and be grateful in each moment that Compassion allows you to grow with more acceptance and enhanced Love for all of life, including yourself.


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