World View Perspective: Allowing Compassion in

Our human system is comprised of many different layers and levels of awareness.  When we consciously open our Heart to accept Compassion for ourselves, that transforming Love can enter and 'shine' into all parts of our life, system, our past and any previously blocked areas. Love as a Source and Force for healing, balance and harmony, unlocks places of fear that have kept us from realizing and recognizing who we are within.  Life can be a bumpy ride and our system can take many hits.  The Highest Love understands this and frees up those burdens and blockages.  See it like a stream full or rocks.  With a steady and constant stream of water (consciousness of Compassion), the flow moves freely over and around those burdens until, over time, the sharp edges are worn smooth and become flexible, eventually giving way to the softness of fluidity.  Compassion, once allowed in and welcomed moves about freely releasing any and all negativity in our system, through time, that is no longer needed, wanted, useful or doesn't belong to us anymore.  It clears the fears of negativity, providing more space for greater and greater Compassion for ourselves, others, our life and the world.  Allowing Compassion in, is accepting a living Grace that will restore and balance and harmonize our self and our life, bringing into our systems a greater feeling of peace and happiness.


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