Friday, October 31, 2014

World View Perspective: Misplaced compassion

Everything is energy, including compassion.  To open our High Heart and experience compassion, to our self and towards others, Love flows unhindered towards the objects of our heart felt compassion.  Like waves on a lake surround an island as it laps it with an almost Loving embrace, allowing and inviting it to shift, change and transform through positive effort and intention.  However, if there is a poison released from the island, it would soon poison the lake.  In that case, the wisest thing for the water to do would be to pull back and direct the fluid energy in a new direction.  Perhaps towards a more open, worthy and receptive place, willing to receive the positive effort of the compassion.  Sometimes, the signal comes that more compassion is the answer.  The more the resistance, the more the compassion.  Yet, if the giver of compassion is becoming drained, strained or pained, it is appropriate and timely to stand further back and reassess the situation.  Compassion fills our heart and soul with Loving energy as a two-way communication with Love itself.  If we have misplaced our compassion, it may be most appropriate to turn it inward to our self and fill with more open and receptive Love within us.  Once we are full of Heart, our compassion is again ready to flow in the direction of the next call for compassion.  We make this assessment by noticing how sharing our compassion makes us feel.  When we notice the compassion and Love goes back and forth, it will continue to grow and flow correctly and with greater positive outcome.  If we become aware we don't feel positive or welcomed or respected with our efforts, over time, we must consider our compassion has likely been misplaced.  As long as we respect our compassion, we will remain open to the experience of compassion/Compassion within our self, flowing both ways, and be able to offer more as we fill with more open Loving compassion.

Monday, October 27, 2014

World View Perspective: Clarity with Compassion

Compassion awakens our deepest understanding of human nature.  It flows through us like a shimmering stream in nature, paving the way for clarity and a more profound connection to the greater whole of life.  It makes clear what has blocked or locked the system or what has been impacted by negative thoughts and feelings throughout time.  Compassion brings us the clear picture of what happened and how our reactions and responses may have created even more difficulties for ourselves and others.  As we use the pure Heart energy of Compassion to go back through the past actions of others and our self, we begin to see how unconscious human nature can be and how it effects us all. Yet, even in the unconsciousness, it lights the way for more and more open and positive development and growth seen through the eyes of Compassion.  It awakens us to all positive possibilities.  At the very core of us and life is Love as a constant force of positive, pure and experiential energy that is universal and cosmic in nature.  We cannot be separate from it; it is impossible to be.  The whole of creation is sustained by Love and in our heart of Hearts, true Compassion unites us with this pure force always.  Becoming conscious of it within our Heart and trusting the clarity that comes, we are assured to be forever in union with Love.  Knowing we are not separate from Love itself, through heart felt Compassion, it is much easier to remain positive, happier, healthier and more true to who we really are within.  This is the ultimate goal of our true aspiration and attainment.  To learn to know who we are in the Heart through our Loving and present Compassion.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

World View Perspective: Applying Compassion to the past

Experiences and lessons from the past often cloud our vision and ideas of who we are in the present and even influence the future of our lives.  They pass through our minds like clouds in the sky and when they grab our attention and become real, it can feel as if they are still 'holding court' within us.  When we apply heart-felt Compassion for past experiences that allowed us to let go, move forward, grow and mature, we should be grateful and let the past go back to where it should be.  Let it be an experience we had before and not something we continue having.  In this way forgiveness and gratitude for our past becomes our way of life as we open our mind and heart to more Compassion for all of our life experiences.  Compassion fills our system with Love and acceptance as we release from the past attachments to the learning and growth that took place.  Like a seed that first starts in a hardened shell.  As it grows and develops, it sheds the shell and expands as the plant or flower it is meant to be.  It continues to move forward in it's growth and movement as it is destined to do.  Without releasing from the earlier stages, it would inhibit it's intended growth cycle.  Love for each age and stage of our life is what allows us the ability to go and grow.  Applied Compassion for all we have known and learned, keeps us healthier, more positive and more present now.  Compassion keeps our Heart open, happy and full, adding meaning and a higher purpose to our lives.  Welcome Compassion into your past and be grateful in each moment that Compassion allows you to grow with more acceptance and enhanced Love for all of life, including yourself.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for the unconscious

All of life is a growing and expanding learning experience.  Throughout our various ages and stages development, both human and spiritual, we shift and change in order to grow and learn more about who we are and who we aren't.  As we go through a variety of cycles, we awaken and realize that previous choices were maybe not the most positive, useful or life enhancing as others for our greater health, balance and happiness.  Once we realize this, we seek to actively make positive choices through surrendering the previous selections and working towards what is much more inspiring for our overall well being.  It gets easier then to throw away that part of our self in negative ways instead of having compassion for all our efforts, even while we were unconscious in our choices.  When we have compassion for our old choices, no matter what it yielded or what the results were, we stand in a much healthier, happier, accepting place than if we 'turn against' our self in the process.  Self forgiveness and self compassion enhance forgiveness and compassion for all and the restoration of positive thinking and feeling as our base.  Why scold a three year old harshly for doing what three year olds do but by the time they are ten or sooner, releasing the old behaviors should have been done, valued, appreciated and outgrown.  Our growth and maturity is the same.  No need to beat our self up for being unconscious, instead Love yourself through conscious Compassion and move forward into more and more Consciousness and Compassion, letting go of the old and becoming refreshed and new, trusting the deeper Love you are inside.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

World View Perspective: Allowing Compassion in

Our human system is comprised of many different layers and levels of awareness.  When we consciously open our Heart to accept Compassion for ourselves, that transforming Love can enter and 'shine' into all parts of our life, system, our past and any previously blocked areas. Love as a Source and Force for healing, balance and harmony, unlocks places of fear that have kept us from realizing and recognizing who we are within.  Life can be a bumpy ride and our system can take many hits.  The Highest Love understands this and frees up those burdens and blockages.  See it like a stream full or rocks.  With a steady and constant stream of water (consciousness of Compassion), the flow moves freely over and around those burdens until, over time, the sharp edges are worn smooth and become flexible, eventually giving way to the softness of fluidity.  Compassion, once allowed in and welcomed moves about freely releasing any and all negativity in our system, through time, that is no longer needed, wanted, useful or doesn't belong to us anymore.  It clears the fears of negativity, providing more space for greater and greater Compassion for ourselves, others, our life and the world.  Allowing Compassion in, is accepting a living Grace that will restore and balance and harmonize our self and our life, bringing into our systems a greater feeling of peace and happiness.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Healing sadness through Compassion

Of all the human emotions and systematic human experiences we can feel, sadness is a very difficult and heavy energy on our system and in our life.  Instead of discerning we are not the actual sadness we carry versus being aware that something in our system is sad, we can easily identify with it as if it is who we are in truth.  In truth, we are the awareness that we are not the actual sadness.  Our true intelligence is awareness and consciousness, which allows us to witness our system rather than identify, react, respond or attach to how our system is feeling.  If a wound has occurred in the past, we can still feel it as if it just happened.  Our personal emotional levels of human awareness and experience do not know time and therefore, cannot discern the wound happened in the past.  By recognizing and realizing a wound in our system or life exists and by consciously surrendering it to the true Heart's Compassion, found in the Heart of Hearts in each of us, the sadness can begin to release and heal.  The Love itself takes heavy, no longer useful old energy and shifts, changes and transforms it so it is useful in a much more positive way.  Forgiveness and gratitude assist us in this process.  The past experiences allow us and invite us to grow, expand, mature and move forward.  For this reason, we must remain grateful for the ultimate growth each experience brings into our life.  Sadness can lock and block our system from receiving positive, Loving energy.  Let it go consciously by welcoming true Compassion in to carry it away and be replenished by fresh, new revitalizing healing energy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

World View Perspective: Intelligent compassion

Often in society, human aspects of 'feeling' are considered weak, unnecessary or not useful.  It can make us feel too vulnerable, too open, too sensitive and too susceptible to being hurt or taken advantage of in day to day life with others.  Yet, true compassion is an intelligent Heart experience of deeper understanding and conscious awareness.  It comes from a higher awareness perspective; the truth about our common wholeness and human experience.  As an old adage once stated so succinctly, "I once cried that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."  Author unknown.

Intelligent compassion is a living grace that enables us to Love unconditionally all aspects of life through the deeper understanding that all of life is necessary, ultimately for further soul growth, and to open us to a more Loving perspective found in our High Heart.  The same intelligent compassion also opens us to any locks or blocks in our system where we also shut down to prevent further vulnerabilities or pain. It opens us through allowing Love in to replace the pain or resistance. The Compassion is a life giving force of Love that maintains and sustains the whole of life.  It is within us and it surrounds us as we consciously Love the Love we are within. As that Love continues to grow and expand, first with us and from us into others, it continues to flow into earth as it touches all around us.  In that way, Love carries us home to the greater wholeness and harmony found in the common unity of Heart!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for our lowest sense of worth

When we have experienced our lowest sense of self worth, that is the time to open our highest Heart to receive our inner strength of compassion and understanding. Just like a child, after having a difficult day at a school, comes home angry, stressed, disappointed and hurt and they turn to their mother for comfort and reassurance.  Through the depth of our own Heart comes the very Love we seek that allows us, invites us to let go and to heal.  In the human system there is a great capacity to feel such despair and to reach such compassion.  As we aspire higher and higher to grow and expand our understanding about life and Love, more of our Heart opens. It can flood us with the very Love we seek to bring comfort through the vast understanding that is inherent in the Heart as a source of endless compassion. Union with the Love that is not separate from us is a source of Joy and fulfillment.  When we can experience the Love we each are and Love that Love fully, we embrace that very source of Love itself and once we know we are not separate, we are overwhelmed by that energy of union.  It becomes a source of energy we can tap daily through forgiveness, gratitude and deep appreciation.  Our lowest sense of self is a systematic experience and lives within our human structure; our physical bodies.  When our highest Heart opens to experience our Heart's Compassion, the source of Love is present.  That Love can and does heal our systematic physical human body through releasing what is not Loving, transforming it into joy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

World View Perspective: The Consciousness of Compassion

The consciousness of compassion is a dynamic force.  If a mother sees her child is about to be hit by a car, she doesn't gently stroll out into the street to prevent the accident, she jumps in and takes immediate action.  The consciousness of compassion can come to and through our system in, at least, four distinct ways.  One way is Loving, gentle and kind with a true heart's understanding and with sweet support.  Secondly, it can strike hard and fast like lightening in the moment it is needed to break open what has been hardened, closed and false. Thirdly, the consciousness of the compassion can stand strong and clear and just bring the truth forward into the situation.  Lastly, the consciousness can simply do what has to be done to bring balance, harmony and peace through the simplest of day to day actions and tasks.  What is clear is the pure intention of compassion.  To bring resolve through Love and to clear the fear.  Love is more powerful than fear and the Consciousness of Compassion simply seeks Compassionate Collaborators to ensure that all locks and blocks to Love, Truth and Joy are revealed and removed to restore Peace to us all, mankind and the earth.  It takes an open Heart, an open mind and a willingness to seek our highest aspiration for positive change, believing Peace is possible through positive action.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassionate Collaborators

If we imagine our open Heart connected to Compassion as a pathway all the way up to the highest Love possible and down through our entire human system into earth, all the animals and all of mankind, a joy spreads quickly through us reflecting a deep gratitude for the wholeness of life.  When we can open our Heart in such a way, we become active conscious Compassionate Collaborators with Love itself.  Our human system becomes a conduit for positive energy to flow and touch every part of life, enabling peace and joy as energy, having a positive, healthy and happy impact on our system, others in our life and our environment, enhancing our life.  Everything is energy and when we consciously actively make it positive energy, everything resonates with that same energy.  To awaken and enliven life and our system, Love is the constant to seek.  The purity of faith in the force of Love itself enables everything to fall into place at the right time in the right way.  The more we continue aspiring towards becoming Compassionate Collaborators, the more the same energy responds, transforming our thoughts, feelings and actions into a force for positive change.

Friday, October 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion clears our unconsciousness

Compassion for our self is the deeper Loving respect and clearing energy that can awaken our self to our Self, especially when we are deeply confused and misunderstanding an occurrence or situation. With a sincere aspiration to know what we cannot see, fathom or comprehend, Compassion is a Loving, positive force that gently guides us to our own discoveries that enable our continued growth and expansion.  Through Love, we can awaken and begin releasing what has caused the confusing experience and show us the clear and positive steps to take to restore inner balance and harmony, pushing out what was not previously
understood.  Like an onion, this awareness peels us back until the core of clarity reveals itself as we aspire to know and understand through clear realization.  As the Living, conscious Grace, which is Compassion in motion, operates in our system, always purifying, removing and taking out what has blocked our awareness, we will grow!  This upward movement, combined with our continued aspiration to seek greater truth and understanding, we are able to gain further and further insight into how the force of Love works as a collaborative, dynamic energy for positive and ongoing change.