World View Perspective: Shifting our emotional sense of self

It may seem easy to Love our self and be able to forgive our self and others.  Certainly the more we practice it, the more we feel the ease of letting go of any ill will we may have harbored.  Yet, what if we were consciously able to have a sense of inviting Infinite Love into our emotional nature so our self Love reflects the Infinite Love?  Just imagine that experience!  Now we are free of any old emotional responses and reactions from any time in our life until now.  All is forgiven, all is understood, all is clear on our side and theirs, just how would we feel, truly feel?  With that depth and breath of release, would we not know Peace, Love and Compassion in one heart beat that could last the rest of our life?  If our mind and Heart could open to feel and receive Infinite Love along with Trust and Faith in the Love itself, Love itself could fill that very space and place where old stuck negative thoughts and feelings have been.  It is like a pond once stagnant now filled with refreshing happy and healthy water where the sun reflects brightly.  When we sincerely and dearly surrender the past wounds to our higher power, we offer up who we aren't and receive back that greater and greater sense of who we are.  Who we are is the Love that responds.  That Love is already within just waiting.


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