World View Perspective: Using Love to refresh our soul

Love is a universal, cosmic force of purity, truth and Goodness.  It fills us with Compassion and Grace.  It adds to our well being and after we are fill, it flows to all of those around us.  After we have been stuck in our system and our life for some time, our soul may need some refreshing.  Our consciousness may need to be rebooted.  When we aspire to know who we really are, as we consciously open our Heart to greater and greater depths, that Love as a force can come to and through our system and flood and flush us with a healing power that only our highest Love can do.  Our cells are thirsty for awareness and the realization that we, too, are energy and Light.  The dull, heaviness that has clouded our awareness and human system weighs us down disabling us from seeing and understanding our clearer vision and purpose.  When we consciously, actively seek Love to come and show us the way, opening our Heart to both give and receive, we collaborate with Love itself.  As we practice this more and more consciously, great new openings come and more of who we are is revealed.  The more this happens, the more we resonate with Love as Love is.  In that way, our system, our environment and others all around us are uplifted too.  This is the experience of transformation.


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