World View Perspective: The True Purpose of Heart

The pure knowingness found in our Heart is our true link to Love itself as a force for positive healing, positive health and change.  The many dimensions of the Heart knows the depth and breath of a higher Truth and our entire journey.  The Love within our Heart is wise, constant and filled with Compassion as we are guided to deeply understand the reason for all that has transpired in our life.  On the soul's journey, we go through so many experiences, sensations and lessons that guide us towards our physical, emotional, mental and psychological development as we grow and mature.  Spiritually we can also grow and expand along with our greater consciousness and keen awareness as we begin to discern who we are and who we aren't while aspiring to know the truth and the purpose to our lives.  We go through many roles and rules on our path to enlightened understanding and we find, just like outgrowing old clothes, the day comes when letting go is necessary.  That for the sake of the soul, we must continue on in order to reach the true fulfillment of our pure aspirations.  Our wise Heart guides us beautifully towards that goal through the purity of a most Loving Compassionate Grace.  When we can trust the kind and Loving whispers within our own true Heart, which is the Loving guidance, we begin to know why we are here and our purpose as we continue to accept the inner Grace of the Love Itself.


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