World View Perspective: Compassion as action for change

The energy of compassion in an open Heart becomes a living, Loving Grace.  It comes to clear the mind, body and emotions of all that we have lived with and been identified with throughout our lifetime.  The opening of our compassion to the higher Compassion is our two way channel to the Highest Love there is.  It allows us the clarity, communication and healing we all seek and know can happen in experiential ways.  It is a dynamic force for positive change.  It opens us to a greater and greater truth, where we can see beyond and above all the pain and misery.  It is through the High Heart that we can feel and heal what is real.  We truly connect to all that is sacred from all that has been scared.  It is the human link to the Pure Love itself and working with it, through our pure aspiration to do so, invites it in to bathe us in the full glory of that healing force of Love itself.  It is the gift of Love's unity that enlightens and brightens our system and our self through the living Compassion, which is the dynamic steam of positive consciousness.  It is living a conscious life without judgment towards our self and without judgment for all others too.  Embracing compassion/Compassion, we embrace Love for all things and welcome in a live, dynamic force for positivity, expansion and growth!


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