Tuesday, September 30, 2014

World View Perspective: The True Purpose of Heart

The pure knowingness found in our Heart is our true link to Love itself as a force for positive healing, positive health and change.  The many dimensions of the Heart knows the depth and breath of a higher Truth and our entire journey.  The Love within our Heart is wise, constant and filled with Compassion as we are guided to deeply understand the reason for all that has transpired in our life.  On the soul's journey, we go through so many experiences, sensations and lessons that guide us towards our physical, emotional, mental and psychological development as we grow and mature.  Spiritually we can also grow and expand along with our greater consciousness and keen awareness as we begin to discern who we are and who we aren't while aspiring to know the truth and the purpose to our lives.  We go through many roles and rules on our path to enlightened understanding and we find, just like outgrowing old clothes, the day comes when letting go is necessary.  That for the sake of the soul, we must continue on in order to reach the true fulfillment of our pure aspirations.  Our wise Heart guides us beautifully towards that goal through the purity of a most Loving Compassionate Grace.  When we can trust the kind and Loving whispers within our own true Heart, which is the Loving guidance, we begin to know why we are here and our purpose as we continue to accept the inner Grace of the Love Itself.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion as action for change

The energy of compassion in an open Heart becomes a living, Loving Grace.  It comes to clear the mind, body and emotions of all that we have lived with and been identified with throughout our lifetime.  The opening of our compassion to the higher Compassion is our two way channel to the Highest Love there is.  It allows us the clarity, communication and healing we all seek and know can happen in experiential ways.  It is a dynamic force for positive change.  It opens us to a greater and greater truth, where we can see beyond and above all the pain and misery.  It is through the High Heart that we can feel and heal what is real.  We truly connect to all that is sacred from all that has been scared.  It is the human link to the Pure Love itself and working with it, through our pure aspiration to do so, invites it in to bathe us in the full glory of that healing force of Love itself.  It is the gift of Love's unity that enlightens and brightens our system and our self through the living Compassion, which is the dynamic steam of positive consciousness.  It is living a conscious life without judgment towards our self and without judgment for all others too.  Embracing compassion/Compassion, we embrace Love for all things and welcome in a live, dynamic force for positivity, expansion and growth!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

World View Perspective: The Coming of Compassion

When the 'raw' emotions of unresolved fears threaten to divide and conquer us all, it becomes a 'war' like state of mind.  When we are divided within ourselves, one aspect of our self tears at the other.  Sometimes it is experienced as mind versus heart because, at times, our mind has one agenda and our heart has another.  In terms of survival, often the mind in the human body wins out against the wisdom of the Heart.  As the energies of anger, fear, greed and control are beginning to threaten so many people world wide, with even nature wrecking havoc, the most positive perspective to have and maintain is the opening to true faith in the coming of Compassion.  When our high Heart can open to a truthful understanding of the human situation versus the power of our sense of being separate from others, which creates so much strife, and realize instead that it is through the Heart that we are all truly connected and it is because of Love that we are here, then the world can and will change.  When our false perceptions of division are realigned with the truth that we are not separate from Love itself, that movement towards the truth of a living union with the highest Love will welcome in the positive change we all truly seek at our core level.  When we shift our perceptions from the inside out, true change will come and endure, not just for one but for the many and, indeed, for the world.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

World View Perspective: Real feeling is real healing

When we tune into how we really feel, we can discover that we don't really feel so positive in our mind, body or emotional, psychological nature.  Some aspect of our experienced self is out of sorts, balance or harmony.  If we open our high Heart and higher mind, we can feel a stronger Love that can open and cleanse what has grown stagnant and old within our human structure.  Our higher Heart is aligned and attuned to the force and source of Love itself.  It is a real feeling that allows for a true healing, a rebalance of who are aspiring to be, which is a higher aspect of our current experience. This higher source is found in the depth of our Heat Soul Self and the realization of it enables us to heal our own system and continuously shift it, change it and heal it through rebalancing our energies with much higher and purer energies.  It is a real feeling experiencing this healing and consequently to continue evolving and expanding into who we really are within.  Bringing this healing harmony into and through our lives is the truly experienced transformation and it opens us to truly living life in touch with our Heart's true harmony.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

World View Perspective: Shifting our emotional sense of self

It may seem easy to Love our self and be able to forgive our self and others.  Certainly the more we practice it, the more we feel the ease of letting go of any ill will we may have harbored.  Yet, what if we were consciously able to have a sense of inviting Infinite Love into our emotional nature so our self Love reflects the Infinite Love?  Just imagine that experience!  Now we are free of any old emotional responses and reactions from any time in our life until now.  All is forgiven, all is understood, all is clear on our side and theirs, just how would we feel, truly feel?  With that depth and breath of release, would we not know Peace, Love and Compassion in one heart beat that could last the rest of our life?  If our mind and Heart could open to feel and receive Infinite Love along with Trust and Faith in the Love itself, Love itself could fill that very space and place where old stuck negative thoughts and feelings have been.  It is like a pond once stagnant now filled with refreshing happy and healthy water where the sun reflects brightly.  When we sincerely and dearly surrender the past wounds to our higher power, we offer up who we aren't and receive back that greater and greater sense of who we are.  Who we are is the Love that responds.  That Love is already within just waiting.

Friday, September 5, 2014

World View Perspective: Using Love to refresh our soul

Love is a universal, cosmic force of purity, truth and Goodness.  It fills us with Compassion and Grace.  It adds to our well being and after we are fill, it flows to all of those around us.  After we have been stuck in our system and our life for some time, our soul may need some refreshing.  Our consciousness may need to be rebooted.  When we aspire to know who we really are, as we consciously open our Heart to greater and greater depths, that Love as a force can come to and through our system and flood and flush us with a healing power that only our highest Love can do.  Our cells are thirsty for awareness and the realization that we, too, are energy and Light.  The dull, heaviness that has clouded our awareness and human system weighs us down disabling us from seeing and understanding our clearer vision and purpose.  When we consciously, actively seek Love to come and show us the way, opening our Heart to both give and receive, we collaborate with Love itself.  As we practice this more and more consciously, great new openings come and more of who we are is revealed.  The more this happens, the more we resonate with Love as Love is.  In that way, our system, our environment and others all around us are uplifted too.  This is the experience of transformation.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

World View Perspective: With an open Heart

With an open Heart, we see and know we are not separate.  Life, earth, our self, other people and even our breath is part of a whole that is awareness itself.  We Love without condition and every cell in our bodies opens to all that is possible.  It may be just felt or experienced in a quick passing of time but when it is, we know we are completely present and it is all an act of Grace.  Any blocks or locks in our system are just waiting to be opened, cleansed and healed of whatever debris has not been resolved.  It is through the Heart that all of life is understood, welcomed and known because it is through the Heart that compassion is born.  Compassion is a Loving Grace that enables acceptance, deepens hope and brings an instant new attunement through the healing.  When we know compassion for our self, we can know it for all of mankind.  With the presence of Love there is the presence of Peace and in that stillness, all things align in harmony.  Imagine a world with that much experienced beauty.  Your Heart is already there.