World View Perspective: When we stand for our Heart

When we stand for our Heart, we have a courage that gives us strength.  We are being true to who we are inside.  It won't necessarily be gentle, it won't necessarily be easy and it won't necessarily mean we will be light hearted as we stand.  Yet, we will feel it in our physical body because we will be determined and clear.  When some people think of 'heart based people' they think it means the person is weak.  Too emotional to be strong.  This is not the case, to know our own Heart takes incredible courage, dedication and perseverance.  It means we know who we really are and consequently, we can stand strong for that, even if we aren't speaking.  We are standing for our own inner conviction and purpose.  It brings forth a trust and a faith that aligns us with our greater truth. That truth is our courage.  As we become familiar with who we are and our stand for who we are, we will realize when we don't feel that strength.  When that happens, gather strength again from your heart and ground yourself back to that inner conviction.  The truth of Heart is, in truth, what carries us forward!


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