World View Perspective: When light enters darkness

When a room has not been 'enlightened' for a long time, the musty, rusty effects can distort the brilliance of the Light itself until it slowly adjusts itself.  When we have had a closed heart, mind and emotional aspect in our system for too long, as illumination enters from our own Heart's Compassion of Love and Understanding, the result can be an explosion of energy and a breaking down of walls.  Hardness results in our system when something makes us consciously or otherwise, shut down a part of ourselves in an effort to protect what appears too sensitive. That shield of armor, while effective, can trap us in our physical bodies and hold us back from who we really are.  Down the road this hardness can effect our health and well being.  Trusting the Light and Love that naturally surrounds us and is within us allows us to soften and allow that Love to permeate through our whole system.  As we do this through true and sincere aspiration, that Light will begin healing what has not be open to being healed before.  As we open, shift and change, there might be explosive moments that literally blast open the hardness and closed aspects to allow in more Light.  Transforming falsehoods into truth in our systems and in our life, can appear disturbing in their expression yet the peaceful outcome in the aftermath opens the door to change.  Through this action for positive change, we can insure much more positive energy is to come.


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