World View Perspective: Undoing the knot

When we allow the Light we are into the knot we aren't, the knot begins to unravel to allow in, invite in who we are!  Just like when old clothes no longer fit who we have become, we must open up our closets and clear the space.  As we let go of who we aren't, who we are now has the space and place to fill it.  The True Self brings clarity, purpose and a clearer intention as it unites us with the bigger truth of who we are. Our physical body contains intelligence, too, and when we can hear it we can also release the knots within it we have been carrying around and identifying with, consciously or unconsciously.  To lighten our density guides us closer to our destiny.  Consciously bringing Light into our own darkness, lifts up our entire life experience.  See it like a coal miner's light.  With it, he can see through the darkness and, therefore, brighten his path.  We are surrounded by the same Infinite Light that we are within.  This conscious light of Consciousness itself wants to make conscious all that is currently 'knot' conscious in us.  Allow it to work it's wonder enabling our wholeness to come forward and prosper.


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