World View Perspective: Two Aspects of Self

In simplified terms, we have two distinct aspects of Self that are present in our system.  One is a lower aspect of our self, which is considered our lower nature. When we think about the conditioning and programming that our parents and early life gave us, it all appeals to our lower nature.  We develop a sense of our selves based on the development of our lower nature, which is primarily our senses.  Initially, how we think, feel and respond to the environment that surrounds us and the people we interact with on a day to day basis all comes from the prompts and pulses of the lower nature. We grow through our ages and stages with this lower nature running our lives until or unless we awaken to our higher nature. Our Higher nature has a broader expanse and understanding of life than the lower nature and it extends to levels and layers beyond our limited sense of self.  The aspiration of the soul to access a greater and deeper understanding of our self, of life and of purpose is deeply inherent to our true nature.  Our Higher nature is our means of reaching beyond the mundane and the ordinary.  Once we understand we are our Higher nature, we can use that knowledge and understanding to bring a sense of Peace, Love and healing into our whole system and live our life in Truth. Our Higher Self resonates with Higher Consciousness and in this Higher energy, we transform our lower nature and uplift all around us.  It allows us to heal into wholeness!


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