World View Perspective: Release for Peace

Just like a stagnant pond, our unconscious system can harbor negative thoughts and feelings over time that become toxic.  They continue to get stirred up by repetitive patterns of thoughts, reactions and behaviors.  Our human tendency is to hold on tighter to these toxic responses and to hide and deny them, which only enables them to fester and grow.  These toxicities can affect our health in negative ways until or unless we realize we can release them through healthier and happier ways to let them go.  The most effective way to let them go is through a shift in focus to gratitude and forgiveness for the experience and awareness of them, the understanding as to why they are there and being conscious of the growth that occurred when the experience is over.  To foster them would be like remembering the pain of a broken arm when we were ten years old that has since healed and returned to positive functioning.  We are not our thoughts and feelings. In truth, they are simply experiences that we go through. The intelligence of the experiences helps us to discern life but our True Self has a much higher perspective of the life experiences and when we can access that perspective, we can see how everything truly enables our total growth, development and maturity in positive and healing ways.  As we develop the courage to face these systematic challenges and release them, we begin to know, embrace and nurture Peace.  Becoming Peaceful begins with us.


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