World View Perspective: Our Heart's Compassion

All the Love we seek is already in our Heart.  The understanding we seek is also within us.  Inner guidance is there to lead the way.  Any and all pain we carry or are attached to can be surrendered to our own Heart's Compassion. There is an intelligence there that understands all we have been through and it has a depth of Compassion to release the pain and ease our system from the strong hold of misery. We just have to aspire to know it with all our Heart. We have to trust we can feel and experience it. We have to have faith in the intelligence of our Heart as it brings the intelligence through our awareness. Everything is energy and when we seek to know Peace in our system, we must be prepared to let go of that that doesn't bring us peace.  We lived it, we learned from it and we can be forever grateful for it as we gently and sincerely release it from our system.  As we sincerely let go, and aspire to consciously bring in more Love, Understanding and Compassion for our self in our system, we begin to resonate with more and more Love.  As we fill with the additional Understanding and Compassion, we become that higher more Loving vibration, which fills us with joy and positive energy.


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