World View Perspective: Faith in plenty

Fear in lack is crippling and if the fear in our system grows and develops in our unconscious awareness, it can grow to bigger and bigger proportions.  The falsehood of lack can seem insurmountable, coloring our judgment and appreciation.  When we surrender the fear to faith either in our day to day life or in our self, our family or our relationships, we can feel it being lifted off our shoulders and taken away.  When we sincerely ask to have the burdens lifted, a higher strength, a stronger force can release the heaviness we have been carrying.  Our greatest desire is to survive so our greatest fear is that we won't survive.  If we fear we might not survive, we can become 'knotted' up in fear.  This 'knot' makes us cling to anything or anyone we think might help us rest assured we will survive.  The object or person that we cling to may not be a wise choice and when we work to become more and more conscious, we can experience what does help us survive.  It is the faith in plenty.  It is trusting our own higher power and purpose.  It is through trusting our very self in our life.  When we open our heart and our mind, we know more and more clearly, we are not alone.


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