Sunday, August 31, 2014

World View Perspective: Undoing the knot

When we allow the Light we are into the knot we aren't, the knot begins to unravel to allow in, invite in who we are!  Just like when old clothes no longer fit who we have become, we must open up our closets and clear the space.  As we let go of who we aren't, who we are now has the space and place to fill it.  The True Self brings clarity, purpose and a clearer intention as it unites us with the bigger truth of who we are. Our physical body contains intelligence, too, and when we can hear it we can also release the knots within it we have been carrying around and identifying with, consciously or unconsciously.  To lighten our density guides us closer to our destiny.  Consciously bringing Light into our own darkness, lifts up our entire life experience.  See it like a coal miner's light.  With it, he can see through the darkness and, therefore, brighten his path.  We are surrounded by the same Infinite Light that we are within.  This conscious light of Consciousness itself wants to make conscious all that is currently 'knot' conscious in us.  Allow it to work it's wonder enabling our wholeness to come forward and prosper.

Friday, August 29, 2014

World View Perspective: When light enters darkness

When a room has not been 'enlightened' for a long time, the musty, rusty effects can distort the brilliance of the Light itself until it slowly adjusts itself.  When we have had a closed heart, mind and emotional aspect in our system for too long, as illumination enters from our own Heart's Compassion of Love and Understanding, the result can be an explosion of energy and a breaking down of walls.  Hardness results in our system when something makes us consciously or otherwise, shut down a part of ourselves in an effort to protect what appears too sensitive. That shield of armor, while effective, can trap us in our physical bodies and hold us back from who we really are.  Down the road this hardness can effect our health and well being.  Trusting the Light and Love that naturally surrounds us and is within us allows us to soften and allow that Love to permeate through our whole system.  As we do this through true and sincere aspiration, that Light will begin healing what has not be open to being healed before.  As we open, shift and change, there might be explosive moments that literally blast open the hardness and closed aspects to allow in more Light.  Transforming falsehoods into truth in our systems and in our life, can appear disturbing in their expression yet the peaceful outcome in the aftermath opens the door to change.  Through this action for positive change, we can insure much more positive energy is to come.

Monday, August 25, 2014

World View Perspective: Release for Peace

Just like a stagnant pond, our unconscious system can harbor negative thoughts and feelings over time that become toxic.  They continue to get stirred up by repetitive patterns of thoughts, reactions and behaviors.  Our human tendency is to hold on tighter to these toxic responses and to hide and deny them, which only enables them to fester and grow.  These toxicities can affect our health in negative ways until or unless we realize we can release them through healthier and happier ways to let them go.  The most effective way to let them go is through a shift in focus to gratitude and forgiveness for the experience and awareness of them, the understanding as to why they are there and being conscious of the growth that occurred when the experience is over.  To foster them would be like remembering the pain of a broken arm when we were ten years old that has since healed and returned to positive functioning.  We are not our thoughts and feelings. In truth, they are simply experiences that we go through. The intelligence of the experiences helps us to discern life but our True Self has a much higher perspective of the life experiences and when we can access that perspective, we can see how everything truly enables our total growth, development and maturity in positive and healing ways.  As we develop the courage to face these systematic challenges and release them, we begin to know, embrace and nurture Peace.  Becoming Peaceful begins with us.

Friday, August 22, 2014

World View Perspective: Our Heart's Compassion

All the Love we seek is already in our Heart.  The understanding we seek is also within us.  Inner guidance is there to lead the way.  Any and all pain we carry or are attached to can be surrendered to our own Heart's Compassion. There is an intelligence there that understands all we have been through and it has a depth of Compassion to release the pain and ease our system from the strong hold of misery. We just have to aspire to know it with all our Heart. We have to trust we can feel and experience it. We have to have faith in the intelligence of our Heart as it brings the intelligence through our awareness. Everything is energy and when we seek to know Peace in our system, we must be prepared to let go of that that doesn't bring us peace.  We lived it, we learned from it and we can be forever grateful for it as we gently and sincerely release it from our system.  As we sincerely let go, and aspire to consciously bring in more Love, Understanding and Compassion for our self in our system, we begin to resonate with more and more Love.  As we fill with the additional Understanding and Compassion, we become that higher more Loving vibration, which fills us with joy and positive energy.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Two Aspects of Self

In simplified terms, we have two distinct aspects of Self that are present in our system.  One is a lower aspect of our self, which is considered our lower nature. When we think about the conditioning and programming that our parents and early life gave us, it all appeals to our lower nature.  We develop a sense of our selves based on the development of our lower nature, which is primarily our senses.  Initially, how we think, feel and respond to the environment that surrounds us and the people we interact with on a day to day basis all comes from the prompts and pulses of the lower nature. We grow through our ages and stages with this lower nature running our lives until or unless we awaken to our higher nature. Our Higher nature has a broader expanse and understanding of life than the lower nature and it extends to levels and layers beyond our limited sense of self.  The aspiration of the soul to access a greater and deeper understanding of our self, of life and of purpose is deeply inherent to our true nature.  Our Higher nature is our means of reaching beyond the mundane and the ordinary.  Once we understand we are our Higher nature, we can use that knowledge and understanding to bring a sense of Peace, Love and healing into our whole system and live our life in Truth. Our Higher Self resonates with Higher Consciousness and in this Higher energy, we transform our lower nature and uplift all around us.  It allows us to heal into wholeness!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

World View Perspective: When we stand for our Heart

When we stand for our Heart, we have a courage that gives us strength.  We are being true to who we are inside.  It won't necessarily be gentle, it won't necessarily be easy and it won't necessarily mean we will be light hearted as we stand.  Yet, we will feel it in our physical body because we will be determined and clear.  When some people think of 'heart based people' they think it means the person is weak.  Too emotional to be strong.  This is not the case, to know our own Heart takes incredible courage, dedication and perseverance.  It means we know who we really are and consequently, we can stand strong for that, even if we aren't speaking.  We are standing for our own inner conviction and purpose.  It brings forth a trust and a faith that aligns us with our greater truth. That truth is our courage.  As we become familiar with who we are and our stand for who we are, we will realize when we don't feel that strength.  When that happens, gather strength again from your heart and ground yourself back to that inner conviction.  The truth of Heart is, in truth, what carries us forward!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

World View Perspective: The voice of truth

Our high Heart speaks gently to our own heart and offers Loving guidance to truth and peace in our system.  Contemplation and meditation are practices that enable us to access our 'voice' within.  Sitting quietly in nature does too.  Our Heart knows the truth and, through compassion, it understands our own human nature and the nature of others.  In order to speak it in ways that others can hear, we have to speak through our third chakra, which is our personal power seat.  It is above the navel.  If this personal power chakra is closed, disabled or out of balance, we cannot bring our True Voice forward.  Emotional depression, suppression, oppression and repression are some of the factors that can prevent people from 'owning' their own power in terms of speaking their truth.  Fear is another block that prevents us from speaking our truth.  This fear can be surrendered to our higher power when we sincerely offer it up to our highest and highest aspiration to 'clear the fear'.  When this fear clears, we are literally able to speak truth from our True Self.  Then our system feels empowered and we can stand in our own true sense of self.  From this stand, it is easier to know who we are versus who we are 'knot'.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Faith in plenty

Fear in lack is crippling and if the fear in our system grows and develops in our unconscious awareness, it can grow to bigger and bigger proportions.  The falsehood of lack can seem insurmountable, coloring our judgment and appreciation.  When we surrender the fear to faith either in our day to day life or in our self, our family or our relationships, we can feel it being lifted off our shoulders and taken away.  When we sincerely ask to have the burdens lifted, a higher strength, a stronger force can release the heaviness we have been carrying.  Our greatest desire is to survive so our greatest fear is that we won't survive.  If we fear we might not survive, we can become 'knotted' up in fear.  This 'knot' makes us cling to anything or anyone we think might help us rest assured we will survive.  The object or person that we cling to may not be a wise choice and when we work to become more and more conscious, we can experience what does help us survive.  It is the faith in plenty.  It is trusting our own higher power and purpose.  It is through trusting our very self in our life.  When we open our heart and our mind, we know more and more clearly, we are not alone.