World View Perspective: When we Love our self inside and out

When we can surrender any negative ideas about our self and instead Love our selves completely from the inside out, remarkable changes occur.  We align our self with our True Self that Loves us unconditionally.  This sets in motion a process of change that allows us to let go and let in a Higher Power to clear out the old, replacing the new to re-establish a Higher Vibration of Love within our human system.  If we can begin to imagine a beautiful and vast Infinite Source of Pure Love and Faith that we are not separate from and all it wants is for us to become ourselves by simply surrendering to Love, which is our truest nature.  Once union with Love becomes a strong and worthy aspiration in us, Love itself can work wonders in terms of positive transformation and change.  We must be willing to consciously, actively let go of any and all negativity we have stored and held on to and instead embrace the True sense of our highest Self.  Joy is then restored as is positive health, a renewal in life and a deep sense of gratitude for our entire journey.  An attitude of gratitude becomes our constant interest, inspiration and joy, improving life on all levels.


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